Friday, May 18, 2012

The Time Plan Guide is now complete...

Thankyou to those who have contacted me to remind me to insert the links in my 'creating a time plan' post.

You will now find all recipes will link to the other appropriate posts here on the blog, and you'll have all the information you need to be a SuperMum.

Ok...maybe not.

But you'll certainly be organised beyond measure...I promise!

Enjoy creating your own time plan, and please let me know how you go!

Love...Mama Guardian ;0)


  1. Hi Mama Guardian,

    I have just discovered your blog - I'm not usually in the habit of commenting, but had to tell you that I LOVE it! I have been at this simple living/SAHM lark for quite a while, and have a few blogs bookmarked that I enjoy , but not many that write about things I can really use (that I don't do already). Your blog has really given me inspiration and ideas to try, and I'm looking forward to many (I hope!) more posts to come. For instance, I would love to know how you plan your food for the week, as well as general time management tips. (I have printed out the one on procrastination - my bugbear!) I very much like your attitude on taking the job seriously - it can be quite hard sometimes to feel like you are doing something of value when in doing this work you become invisible to the community at large. (Rhonda is great at affirming the worth of being at home too :o)

    So, a big thank you for your wonderful writing, please keep it up!

    Marjon in NZ :o)

  2. Marjon, thankyou! Stay tuned for more ideas. I love writing and I'm pleased that someone is enjoying my ramblings.


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