Monday, January 17, 2011

Every Cloud has a ....

You've heard the saying that every cloud has a silver lining?

Well, here's a photo I took of the approaching storms over the Coral Sea near the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

These are the storms and accompanying rain depression, that went on to wreak such havoc in Toowoomba, the Lockyer Valley, Ipswich and Brisbane just two days later.

It's a lesson in the power of Nature.

My new mantra for this year, and a constant reminder on my Tray of Bliss will be 'take nothing for granted'.

Not family, friends, possessions, personal safety or supply of income, fresh water, food and other items of daily life.

It's a lesson when a modern city, can be brought to it's knees by Mother Nature in 3 short days.

From this lesson, we will all rise, wiser for the time being until the clouds of selective memory dim the bad, and elevate the good that comes from the community spirit born in times of hardship.

I thank the Universe that my family was unscathed by the floods.

That's what's on my Tray of Bliss today.