Monday, March 17, 2014

A lovely week ahead....

Lake Weyba sunset. Completely unenhanced and taken by The Diva with her iPhone. Unbelievable, eh?
I've decided to make more of an effort to make life lovely this week. Well, every week really, but starting this week. This is often difficult with our busy schedule as I know it is for all of us, so here is what I'm doing.
1. Make more effort with my hair and makeup every day. I've fallen into a rut of hair in high ponytail, swish of mineral makeup, basic jewellery. Nothing wrong with that, and looking around me, sometimes more effort than most make. But I like looking a little glamorous for The Muso Man and The Diva. He married a glamorous woman, and The Diva missed me in my younger, very glam days. So I owe it to them to make the most of myself. So it's hair washed and nicely styled, with a more careful up-do on the alternate day. Some contouring (learned from Pinterest links) on the less than glam face, and a little more eye makeup. Different jewellery every day. I am so fortunate to have some really exquisite real and costume jewellery pieces that I inherited, as well as some very pretty real gems that The Muso Man has given me over the years, so they're all getting dusted off and shown off. I'm also trying more to vary my wardrobe. It's so hot here in Summer that I really fall back on the same three outfits, day in day out because they're comfortable. Again, nothing wrong with that, they're very acceptable outfits. But variety is the spice of life as they say and it's cooling down so I can actually wear clothes with SLEEVES!
2. Burn my scented candles. I adore them, and again, forget to use them.
3. Make some special meals. Not expensive, just different. On the menu for tonight are Thai inspired Gluten Free sausage rolls. I'm cheating and using bought GF puff pastry. A small luxury.
4. Walk in different directions. We live in a leafy area, and have some lovely walking tracks. I tend to do the same walk every day, when really, going in a different direction might lead to all kinds of pretty sights.
5. Have a special afternoon tea in the car for The Diva when I collect her from school. I used to do this every day, and I've forgotten how hungry she is when she hits 3pm. So today it's cupcakes with fondant shamrocks (saved one from a batch I've done for Irish friends) and a lime milk...yes, lime. Very nice too :)
6. Body lotion. Who wants crocodile skin legs? Cheap, baby lotion. My favourite. Arms, legs, elbows all slathered morning and evening.
7. A new book. A historical novel. Sequel to The Other Boleyn Girl which I finished recently and really enjoyed. The Boleyn Inheritance. All based on real figures and events in British and European history. Fascinating.
8. Make an old fashioned dessert every second night. The Muso Man loves them and I get all caught up in being healthy and forget that a little of something you like is not a bad thing. Tonight it's baked custard, Wednesday will be rice pudding, and Friday I'll do Gluten Free apple turnovers.
9. A different perfume every day. Again, I have lots, but tend to use the body spray that comes to hand each morning. I wore Femme by Rochas the other day. It's no longer available, but is the very first French perfume I owned, given to me by my Mum on my sixteenth birthday. I love it, and found a bottle in Harrods on our last trip there. The Diva and The Muso Man both commented on how lovely I smelled. I also have Chanel No. 5, White Linen, Paris, and Anais Anais and forget to wear them all. No more!
10. Finish the blanket I'm knitting for my granddaughter. Palest baby pink and a joy to work with.
What are you doing to make life lovely this week?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Lost Age of Glamour...

Capucine...shift, gloves, pearls, ballerina brooch...

Grace Kelly...swathes of silk satin or tulle, pearls, gloves....

Brigitte Bardot...swathes of lace and ribbon, patent leather T-Bar heels, cashmere sweater....
Barbara Feldon who rocked a beret and trench...
Ladies. In our rush to have more, be more, do more....we've forgotten to be glamorous. I love going to Paris and seeing everyone frou-frou-ed up. I love that even the Senior Citizens in Paris match their hair to their suit to their bag to their shoes to their lippy. I love that people dress to walk down the stairs to the Boulangerie...just because it's nice to dress...for self and for onlookers.
One of the most memorable things I saw in Paris, was on a walk from the Louvre to Sacre Coeur on a quiet Sunday afternoon, and it wasn't the Eiffel Tower. A divine young woman floated past us in a full tulle skirt, cashmere sweater a la` Brigitte Bardot, and patent ballet flats, tote over shoulder, and immaculately groomed in that way that only the French have mastered. That glowing, healthy, 'glad to be alive', fresh faced, shiny haired thing they have going on is enviable. How DO they do it?
Well. They care. Day in, day out. They care.
We Aussies get a bit lacksadaisical sometimes. A tan and a shimmery lip gloss only goes so far. When one reaches my age, a tan and a shimmery lip gloss may be okay for Noosa, but not for HERE.
I'm going glam this year. I deserve it. And I want my daughter to see that being ....cough...old, doesn't have to mean trackie dacks and Bonds hoodie or 3/4 pants and Millers t-shirts *shudder*....

I'm making this dress. I like it. It's a bit Audrey Hepburn. I'm still deciding on the fabric. Any suggestions?
I'll wear it with a flower in my hair, pearls at my earlobes, and bling on my wrists.
Patent ballet flats and vintage bag, obligatory my dear.
I might even show you a photo ;-)

Wheelie Good Holidays....

So, you know, there's more to me than Boho Bedrooms, French Feasting and Clever Crafting.
As you see by my headings above, matters concerning Cerebral Palsy steal me away from time to time. That's all due to one rather handsome bloke, pictured above. Let's call him Elbow...because that's what we call him....don't ask why.
Elbow lives an enviable life for a bloke with CP. He has his own dwelling, a team of support staff to assist him in living independently, and a greyhound to lay at his feet, nay, lick his feet...which she does with happy abandon.
Elbow has his own car, fruit trees in his yard, mates, and has just returned from a wheely good holiday. His first holiday without parents or little sisters to bug him.
He went on a cruise, good people...something I've yet to do in my life.
He, his wheelchair, and three support staff sailed to Sydney, enjoying the sights of the Opera House and The Harbour Bridge amongst other frivolity.
They sang karaoke (Don't Worry, Be Happy), ate themselves into a stupor, drank Pina Coladas (Elbow wondered at a drink called Peanut Coladas that didn't taste a bit like!), laughed hysterically at the X-rated activities of the couple in the cabin next door, who clearly did not realise they had an audience, and on the last night, boogied (does anyone say 'boogied' any more?No? Well, I just did...) till the wee hours.
Elbow even came home with a girls phone number. He's very proud.
So are we.
A cruise ended up being the best possible holiday for a guy like him. Lots of friendly faces, no hassle transport, great food, fun times. He's off to Osaka next. By ship. Who knew?
None of this happened overnight. I've told the story several times. It took a few words in the shell pink ears of several politicians to make it happen. Actually it was a lot of words over a very long period of time...some of them very naughty words. But lets just say that leaders on both sides of politics eventually 'saw the light'.
And here we are. Elbow living like every other 23 year old bloke. Except for that girls phone number, which he yet has to work up the courage to call.
It'll happen.