Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Struggle for Equality...

I get so frustrated sometimes.

I hear and see people demonstrating and debating and getting riled up over equality for gay couples, equality for working parents, equality for single parents.

I see people weep for animal rights, for the right to love who they want, marry who they want, live where they want, recover from drug or alcohol addiction, and be educated like everyone else.

There are high profile people campaigning to protect the environment, the Orangutan, the rights of Indigenous people to their land and the footprints of Dinosaurs, millions of years old.

Who stands up for people with a disability?

What if ... you were Indigenous AND disabled...

... disabled AND had a same sex partner....

...disabled AND homeless...

...disabled AND substance addicted...

...who campaigns for YOU?

Where are the high profile Celebs who will put their name and face to the National Disability Insurance Scheme here in Australia?

They don't exist. And shame on them.

People with a disability are not soft and cute and fluffy, threatened with extinction, trendy or fun to be photographed with.

We, the families are their saviours, their heroes, the ones who stand up for their rights.

Equal rights.

And it's bloody tough.

Come on people. Put your name and face and energy behind something that's not trendy or beautiful.

Something that matters NOW.

Something that is truly life changing.


The environment and the Orangutans have enough supporters.

People with a disability do not.

Please care.