Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hanging out on a gloomy day 11 June 2012

Hanging out on a gloomy day 11 June 2012

Joules sleeveless tank
$22 -

Dorothy Perkins biker jacket
$54 -

Slim fit cargo pants

Star shoes

Hot pink handbag

Glass ring

Pieces knitted shawl
$25 -

I'm home today as my daughter is back at school following a two week school holiday, so I'm catching up on all of my recipe writing and photographing. I'll be doing a spot of baking as well, so comfort is the order of the day.

I'm not fond of these cargo pants (or any cargo pants for that matter), but I see them in a new light as 'work wear'. I have the fireplace going so the house is toasty warm and I don't need my jacket indoors of course. But with a raspberry scarf and my jacket donned, I'll be warm enough in the car to collect my daughter from school this afternoon :)

And of course I have my frilly Parisian style umbrella gifted to me for Christmas, for braving the gloomy weather!