Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tall Cupcakes...

Doesn't this look Grand, with a capital 'G'?

And so won't believe how easy.

This is simply a cake mix cake, (you could use your favourite cake batter) baked in a washed and recycled baked beans tin.

It's been iced with a ring of fondant...tip: use the baked bean tin to cut the correct sized circle from a sheet of ready prepared fondant from the supermarket. You just roll out the block of fondant with a rolling pin or heavy bottle, and cut away as you would for cookie dough.

Use the leftover fondant, tinted with food colouring to fashion a decoration of any kind...I did a lemon because I'd added lemon zest to the cake mix.

Don't worry about decorating the sides, because it's the fashion to wrap it leaving a large lip at the top, with a piece of vellum or baking paper as shown, tying it off with string, raffia or ribbon.

Imagine THESE at your next celebration. Who needs designer cakes when you can make your own?

What's on your Tray of Bliss today?