Monday, May 14, 2012

More embroidered gifts...pretty pillowcase...

Here's the detail of a heart I embroidered on the opening edge of a pillowcase to give to my Mother-in-Law for Mothers Day.

As with my previous butterfly quilting square, I just drew this freehand, and finished with trailing stems of ivy along the entire edge. Some FlyLeaf stitched greenery finishes it off.

This little heart was stitched in stem stitch with three strands each pale mint green and pastel blue threaded together for a more substantial profile.

A cluster of baby pink French knots at the inner peak of the heart, was then surrounded by more French knots embroidered with two strands of baby pink and two strands of pastel blue threaded together. A few random mint French knots trail down from these prettily.

I'm attempting my first satin stitch monogramme for MIL as well. Satin stitch was never one of my strengths, but I'm hoping she'll appreciate my efforts nonetheless.

For the princely sum of about $11, I'll have given her a totally unique and beautiful Mothers Day present. I think she'll be pleased.

Photo will follow.

I'm loving the serenity in embroidering. It's such as escape from modern life.

What's on your Tray of Bliss today?

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