Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday...my hair is silver..

On my Tray of Bliss today is my new proudly grey hair.

This did not start as a money saving exercise. I simply wanted to see what colour my 'real' hair was, after 32 years of colouring it.

Not Salt and Pepper exactly. More Blue Black and Silver.

I had it cut in a super short fun style first up to allow the natural colour to grow through. I also had it tinted Blue Black with silver foils to start the process of adopting the Real Me. Now my colour is completely my own, and I can start growing it long and sleek. A Keratin treatment will be next for conditioning and straightening. My hair is naturally curly, and I'd prefer it straighter if I'm going to show off my gleaming greys to their best advantage.

And guess what. I love it. I really, really love it.

I now look at 'ladies of a certain age' who blonde their hair and think 'you're kidding yourself''. I picture them with their real grey locks and in my minds eye, can see how much more flattering it could be. You can't fool nature or the rest of the world forever!

The trick is, I believe, to keep your grey locks perfectly groomed, and beautifully cut, in spanking great condition, wash with a purple toner shampoo to maintain the silver, use a gloss spray to add shine, and never ever wear pastel florals, frills and flounces. These WILL make you look like a Nanna.

I seriously think it's also about maintaining a slender form (hence my new resolve to lose weight), as you can't look sleek and silver, when really, you're just fat and grey haired...sorry. And I mean me, not you!

So yes, it saves money, but comes with certain other responsibilities if one doesn't want to look like a Granny. But I am happy to embrace those responsibilities.

Here's to the new slender, silver haired me by Christmas. I promise to post Before and After shots.

Anyone want to join me?

What's on your Tray of Bliss today?


  1. Nuppity and no way Jose soz Mims not joining you on this one. I have shoulder length hair with a fringe and my colour is NICE AND EASY NATURAL BURGUNDY BROWN lol. At the first sight of a few greys sprouting through it's of to the shops I go for another box of colour (once a month). Not looking to be mutton done up as lamb but grey and my skin tone/colouring make me look old before my time. You are fairer than me so no doubt will pull this look off a real treat.

  2. Hi Mim , great post, a few years ago I said to my friend Deb, I'm going to go grey , she was horrified and said no, you'll look too old, great friend, yes she really is!the last 14 months after being so sick I really couldn't care how I looked , I had a crew cut because I was just so fatigued to even wash my hair, its shoulder length again, it wasn't a great idea to have a crew cut during the winter months my neck and ears were freezing. So I haven't coloured my hair for a few years now. I'm getting more and more silver,and I think I like it, some days I do and other days not to sure, I have boxes of natural hair colouring in my bathroom cupboard, but need to feel better before considering to colour my hair, when I wash my hair it looks really dark still and I think its not so bad, I hate the salt and pepper look I always vowed I would colour my hair until it was all grey I mean silver, silver sounds so much better as I approach my silver years, I'll be 49 in December. So I'm still on the fence so to speak, I have olive complexion so I think I will carry it well. I THINK I WILL. I THINK I WILL... in saying that I don't want to look old before I'm old...food for thought. Thanks Mimi xxx

  3. I am with you Mimi. I have grey hair around my face, and my hairdresser has at last stopped trying to talk me into a colour, and now exclaims "I like your hair like this!". I agree that grey hair looks more 'right' with older skin tones,. I hate to see older women with very dark dyed hair - I think it ages them terribly.

  4. I stopped colouring years ago. I'm mainly grey around the front and one side more than the other. I don't really know what it looks like as we don't have a decent mirrow here. But I'm a nice person, yes indeedy, I really am, and I don't much care about looks.

    But...Daughter has given me some leftover purple and kinda dared me...so...


  5. I love your hair philosophy and I am sure you will look wonderful with the change of colour....What freedom too, more importantly...xv

  6. Thankyou Ladies. It's considered a 'brave' move in my circles, strangely. But there's a little rebellious bit of me that says 'Well I'll Show You!'

  7. Way to go Mimi. I'm looking forward to the before and afters. I'm thinking it will be a similar look to Emmylou Harris?
    I've had short hair for YEARS. Somewhere along the way I figured that my long blondey hair made my skinny face look even more drawn.
    I stopped colouring the grey.. yes, grey - not silver, about 2 years ago. It looks more like 'me' now that I'm in my mid 50's. I have a girlfriend same age who colours her long straight hair BLACK. I don't know her to tell her!


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