Friday, July 8, 2011

Fridays' Fifties Fashion Tip...

On my Tray of Bliss today is a bit of a giggle.

I recently purchased for the princely sum of $4.95, a little book of fashion and beauty tips which appear to have been written in the late 1950's, called simply "Beauty" by Joyce McKinnell.

Now, Joyce, bless her, must have been a bit of an icon in her day, because she writes with some authority on this topic.

Here is her advice on Colour.

"Many women are timid when it comes to colour. The same shades are chosen year after year because they are considered 'safe'. But almost any colour goes these days, because the wide range of hair and cosmetic shades enables you to tone your colouring at will. The many colour combinations which were once considered taboo, lilac and orange and pink and scarlet, for instance, are very popular with fabric designers and look stunning if worn with handsome neutral accessories. For general wear choose colours tht flatter your skin, your eyes and your personality and make you feel really confident. There is no need to be a slave to fashion colours if they don't suit your temperament. Remember, many of these annual fashion colour changes are nothing more than a stimulus planned by industry to induce women to spend more and buy more in the clothing and shoe shops. If you want to try a new colour combination, but are not too sure what to choose, think of nature's blends and you won't go far wrong. Brunette? Then how about a striking tangerine coloured coat with pith cream accessories? Fair? Try hyacinth blue and green. Grey haired? Choose a rich aubergine with cream or black accessories for daytime and sweet pea shades at night. There are only two points to bear in mind in the colour game. If you are young you can be daring, but after 35 veer towards the more subtle blends" you feel enlightened now?

Interestingly, I agree with much of what Joyce suggests. I particularly love her comment that the many changes in fashion and colour are an inducement to spending more money...ahhh....a subject close to my heart.  As is always the case, true 'style' transcends fashion, year in, year out.

As for the over-35's comment, clearly Joycie didn't know that in the Noughties, 75 is the new 35!

I still wear a coat that belonged to my Grandmother, a lurex knit top that was my Mothers and treasure a pleated leather vintage handbag that was hers as well. True style may seem more expensive initially (unless you are fortunate enough to have stylish matriarchs in your family from whom to inherit!), but invariably it's more frugal in the end. My favourite purchase this Winter has been a jacket which consumed a considerable portion of my discretionary spending for a few weeks, but which I haven't been seen without since about the end of May..that being the start of the chilly Winter season here. I know I'll enjoy my jacket for many Winters to come, and with care, it will remain a treasured addition to my wardrobe.

Which one are you....fashionable or stylish?

I like to think I'm stylish, and that my European heritage stands me in good stead in my choices.

What's on your Tray of Bliss today?


  1. Can I say neither!! Although I would probably be more stylish than fashionable as I go with items that look good regardless of the fashion at the time. I find alot of fashionable things just dont suit my shape. And I am GRADUALLY learning that its ok to invest more money in better pieces then always going for the cheapest option.

  2. Ha-ha bungle. I think that lesson is a gradual one, and that while you're young, it's great to dress in $10 dresses from Supre` cause that's the only time in your life you're going to look good in them! I think back to the Choose Life t-shirts a la Wham, and the Madonna fingerless gloves and lace headbands *cringe*...but it was so much fun. Alas no longer at my age!


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