Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thrifty Thin Tuesday....

On my Tray of Bliss is my abject acceptance that I have overindulged over Winter, and simply must improve my diet and exercise regime.

Strangely, whilst on holiday recently, I had no trouble bounding out of bed each morning, greeting the new day with enthusiasm, and pounding the pavement for hours on end admiring touristy stuff.

How come then, that I arrive home, and immediately revert to being a couch potato extraordinaire.

I could blame the chilly weather. It has rarely been above 10 degrees Centigrade here lately...nippy for we Queenslanders.

I could blame my long list of household chores and the fact that the Dancing Diva has been home on school vacation.

But really it's just because I am not, by nature, an exerciser.

A long bout of Glandular Fever as a teen, left me unable and unwilling to participate in sport for several years, and aside from an odd obssession with Aerobics classes in my twenties, I've never managed to dredge up an interest in anything other than walking. I had a short lived flirtation with Zumba but was seriously humbled by the ensuing lower back pain (common apparently).

So based upon the tried and true, 'Eat less and exercise more', I have a plan.

1. Increase intake of fresh fruit and vegetables.
2. Increase water intake.
3. Download some dance tracks onto my iPhone and boogie some of the pounds off.
4. Focus on being 'healthy' and not necessarily 'skinny'.
5. Start getting out my Summer clothes and trying them on. I know they won't fit and I'll be shocked into action!
6. Think 'French' and incorporate more incidental exercise into my day, as well as decreasing portion sizes.
7. Review my habit of a glass or two of Sauvignon Blanc each evening...calories, calories, calories!

That's about it. It's not like I eat poorly. In fact we pride ourselves on a very healthy diet, with little or no junk food. Certainly we enjoy our wine, which at my age can certainly pack on the kilos, and being a half decent cook means plenty of good food to do the same.

Today is Day One. My diet is no diet. The mere mention of the word is enough to throw my foodie heart into flutters.

Today is Day One of the me I want to be. The me whizzing down the slopes at Falls Creek this time next year. The me swanning around at Noosa at Christmas, proud of my fit, healthy limbs. The me keeping up with The Dancing Diva and Darling Husband for several years to come.

That's the me I want to be.

Day One. On my Tray of Bliss is not too many carrot and celery sticks, a bit of a boogie in the living room, and a promise to me to live up to the me I want to be.

What's on your Tray of Bliss?


  1. Sheesh Mims I could have written the following...

    "A long bout of Glandular Fever as a teen, left me unable and unwilling to participate in sport for several years, and aside from an odd obssession with Aerobics classes in my twenties, I've never managed to dredge up an interest in anything other than walking"

    I have always eaten well and have always naturally been five foot ten and a size ten. I have had to maintain weight never lose weight. A few years back I was struck with rare debilitating migraines. Vertigo, visual disturbances, numbness/pins and needles and nausea combined with a dull headache. Now under the care of a neurologist and on daily preventative meds they are controlled to a point. However the medication has weight gain as its number 1 side effect and I have gone up a dress size to 12 noticeable only in my tum area it would seem &(**^#@&, nothing I do budges it however it's a sml price to pay for feeling better. My usually super fast metabolism is now slower because of the medication and I find I have to exercise more and eat less.

    The cold weather is not helping my enthusiasm re exercise. Heartpoet bought me a bike so we can ride the local bikeways and I really must get motivated not for weight loss but for general fitness.

  2. I feel your pain Kimmie. I have been a zize 8-12 all my life, so this size 14-16 bizzo is hard to take! I make up for it by NOT squeezing in to clothes too small, and making sure I still take pride in my appearance. Truth be known I'm happy enough, but know that Summer will bring it's own nasty day of reckoning!

  3. I also don't like exercise, it is boring, I have to find exciting exercise. Not much of that around.

    I do teach Tai Chi so have to keep up appearances of sorts, we have done BMX racing for a few years and are considering going back to that as we still have all the gear. We currently also play squash just once a week against each other not a comp.

    I think the biggest thing I have done recently was cut down on sugar. Haven't cut it out completely but working on it, so all the stuff that has sugar in it, chocolate, alcohol, chocolate, cuppa teas, chocolate.

    I also have Hashimotos Thyroiditis, basically a lazy thyroid as my hubby put it so my metabolism is lazy so a bit hard to shift weight. Also get old, being over 40 your body starts to do strange things, though in my head I am still in my twenties :) but wiser.

  4. Ah yes, the struggle to lose weight as we get older -I reckon I have a new effort every few months!
    Good luck with the plans -sounds eminently sensible.

  5. Thanks all. Slow and steady is the name of the game, I think.


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