Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mum...forever in my heart...

Mum on her wedding day, at just 17 years of age..

Me at the age of daughter is this age now, and looks astoundingly similar.
Mum passed away 10 1/2 years ago. I was 43. But I felt like I was 12.
When things go wrong, you want Mum.
But what if the thing that's wrong, is that Mum is gone. No Mum to hold you, to wipe your tears, to kiss your head and tell you everything will be okay.
Never again, Mum there to counsel, offer wisdom, advice, and cups of tea.
Only an emptiness, a 12 year old self, weeping for a Mum who is no longer there with warmth and comfort and love and acceptance, no matter what.
But then...perhaps Mum is always with me. Maybe I carry her in my heart. I know I feel her from time to time. Her hand on my arm as I drift off to sleep, her voice in my ear just before I wake. She's there. Just out of reach.
I know it.
Happy Mothers Day Darling Mum.
My hugs to all other Motherless Daughters and Sons out there.
As long as you can picture her face, your Mum is with you. Believe it, and it will give you peace.

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