Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Glamping! A Mothers wish for Mothers Day...

We have a fascination with Glamping, the so called 'glamorous camping' idea, originating from the U.K.
My daughter, now in her teens, has a cubby house, built for her by my husband, back when she was little.
Having successfully 'glamped' with tents during the recent school vacation, we are now smitten with the idea, and it occurred to me to makeover her cubby, as a permanent glamping site.
This photo is not, sadly our glampsite. It is the one we are using as inspiration, and one I found on Pinterest. The link on how-to sadly led to inappropriate content, so if this is your work, please email me and I'll be happy to credit your beautiful photo for you!
We have most of these components, although the split cane day bed is a big ask. These used to reside in everybody's sleepout back in the day. A sleepout was basically an enclosed verandah, used as a guest bedroom or breezeway, in many Aussie homes. Sadly, the sleepout disappeared with the advent of McMansions, and the split cane daybed, disappeared along with them.
We do however have sun lounges around our pool, so one of those will be seconded for the mission. As will cane baskets, birdcage, pots of ivy and other pretties.
My wish for Mothers Day is to retreat to our Glampsite, great read in hand, tea in my Limoges cup at the elbow, with a tinkling bell to ring when I require....well....anything really.
Would a special Mum in your life enjoy Glamping this Mothers Day?
..what's on your Tray of Bliss today?...

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