Monday, May 6, 2013

Mothers Day Haiku Poem...

Silver locks
locked in my heart,
the face they frame, loved
A Haiku is a verse of just seventeen syllables, with two juxtaposed ideas.

Arms a circle of love
warming my soul
even as small limbs grow long

Try writing one yourself, and presenting to a loved one in your life.
It's Mothers Day in Australia this Sunday.
This would be a much appreciated gift for any Mum.
What's on your Tray of Bliss today?

I have published these Haiku poems here for personal use only. I created them and retain full use and copyright over them.
Having noticed an unusual amount of traffic from the U.S. I googled and noted that several newspapers in the U.S. run Mothers Day Haiku Competitions.
Can I just say firstly, plagiarism is not good Karma. Secondly, your Haiku competition entry should be about YOUR mother, not mine.
And thirdly, I do not give my permission for my work to be used for profit or gain by a person other than myself.
If your visit is to find something to compliment a gift to your own Mother, or merely to see what a Haiku looks like, then you are very Welcome.
Respectfully Yours.

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  1. Please submit to our Mother's Day Haiku Contest: and support the Healthy Moms = Healthy Babies campaign.


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