Monday, October 18, 2010

Vases hold more than blooms....

I love vases. 

I particularly adore Art Deco and Vintage vases.

This vintage Napco Snow Queen Head vase is a particular favorite. How could I not have her out on display all year round, especially with her crown of overblown roses....

...speaking of roses, laying some blush buds in my Art Deco vase gives a modern spin to an old favorite, and enhances the pastel pink tones in the opalescence...

...I admired one like this in an Antique store recently. Alas it was beyond my budget. Perhaps another time...

When I was a child, they were placed on display on the sideboard or the dining room table, as favourite objets d` art in their own right.

Now we relegate them to the cupboard under the kitchen sink, until required to house some murky bouquet from the supermarket.

My Nanna's vase in opalescent china is beautiful in it's Grecian like lines, the delicate curve of the gold trimmed handles, and it's scalloped top peeking between the blooms it housed.


I remember it taking pride of place on the dining room sideboard, along with her other pretty china. My Mother passed it on to me much later, knowing how I loved it.

It has alternately held flowers, vines, buttons, soaps, beads and craft bibs and bobs, according to my whimsy of the moment.

Today, I'll use my tray to cut some Eucalypt from our trees, and fill the house with that wonderful Australian scent, just as Mum and Nanna did.

What's on your Tray of Bliss today?

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