Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Beautiful DIY Gifts and Celebrations...DIY Decoupaged tealight jars...

A little glow and flicker for today.

I love it when a simple thing just...works. 

I made this votive candle holder from a recycled jar, a cutout of a botanical image, some tissue paper and a touch of decoupage glue. 

Glue the botanical image first, smoothing it carefully. Mine is an Iris as my Mum loved them and we planted hundreds in the yard as a memorial to her.

Then take plain white tissue wrapping paper, and glue a layer of this over the top. It gives a translucent effect to the jar, and fades the image slightly, softening it a little. 

Allow to dry, then place a tealight inside, light it, and enjoy.

It's far from perfect, but that only adds to the texture and pleasure of the flickering candle.

A pretty thing from almost nothing.

 I saw a quote today...

"Art washes from the soul, the dust of everyday life"

How true.

Will you add a little art to your day today?

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