Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fluff and Nonsense...Frenchy Feather Pouffe`...

Just a bit of Fluff and Nonsense....but Frenchy and pretty...

I have a long list of people to collect gifts family alone amounts to a cast of thousands, or maybe it just feels that way sometimes!
Here's an idea I've come up with for all the ladies and young women who mean so much to me...vintage crystal jars of scented talc with Ostrich feather powder puffs...what a sweet indulgence!

Christmas is always on my mind, and I'm using these as gifts this year, but they would be equally sublime as a Bridal Shower or Hens Night gift, or a thank you for your Bridal Attendants.

Take one baby pink Feather Boa. The kind you buy for Costume Parties. I sourced mine from a Haberdashery metre long (about a yard) for a mere $10. I've paired it with either baby pink velvet or black and white pinstriped ribbon.

Now cut just 15cms (6 inches) of feather boa, and tie it in a half knot, as if you're about to tie a shoelace.

Bring the two loose ends together and hold them with a quick stitch or two. You'll find that the feathers are attached to a thick sort of twine, so stitch into that. Don't cut the thread, just keep the needle and thread attached for the time being. Now you have a sort of feather ball to form your powder puff.

Then cut the same amount of your chosen ribbon, and turn it into a loop by stitching the ends together with the needle and thread still connected to your feathers.

Flatten the loop, and put one more little stitch at the halfway point to form the two loops of your bow, then use another couple of stitches to gather at the halfway point.

You now have a gorgeous soft and sensual ostrich feather powder puff with a pretty ribbon with which to hold it as you dust yourself with scented talc.

To make customised scented talc, take normal Cornflour (cornstarch) and either spritz with your favourite scent, and stir, or add 2-3 drops of essential oil and stir to combine. That's it. Can you believe that's all it is??

My little jars vary in size, shape, and colour, but all were sourced from thrift shops for under $5.

It's a bit of frippery and frou-frou, but I love it.



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  2. Oo-la-la indeed, my friend! I just love your fluff and nonsense :) I have been making shabby Christmas ornaments over the last week....wouldn't it be fun if we could get together and craft {{smiles}} Thank you so much for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Much love!

  3. OOOH... You have me bedazzled! I LOVE everything about this beautiful gift. It's pink. its pretty smelling ladies powder, it's ribbons and bows, and crystal, oooh crystal...SIGH...
    I really need one of these. :)

    I'm not real crafty, but it's worth a try.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Bless you ~ Debbie

  4. Sounds like a fun and sweet project. My bliss this week was taking care of my sweet grand dog. He's been great and we've had doggy bliss :) Have a great weekend.

  5. It was so nice having you come for a visit, and thank you for your precious comment!
    Thank you for the sweet invitation to join your party, I will do my best to come and join the fun. :-)
    I'm still some what new to these parties, so please bare with me. Thankfully I have my daughter's to learn from. Lol

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend in whatever you find to do for joy.
    Blessings~ Debbie


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