Wednesday, February 5, 2020

What do you mean I only get 24 hours in a day...

We've just returned from A Big Trip. Well, it's a Big Trip for we Aussies.
We started in New York....a lifelong dream...

Continued on to Nice and Paris...

Had a quick look at Monaco...

...and back home again.

Oh to have MORE TIME!
I have a significant birthday in just two short weeks. One that starts with a 6 and ends with a zero. I'm perplexed. How did I get to be OLD?? Not that I'm not grateful and all. Lord knows many loved ones have been denied the opportunity.
It's just daunting to imagine I have less years in front of me, than behind me. Lets be honest with ourselves. I'm not living past 100 even in the best case scenario.
So how does one make the most of the years left on this one beautiful planet?
That's something I'm pondering big time.
Work happens.
Renovations continue.
Life goes on...thank goodness.
To those of you wondering 'Is Mimi still blogging?', the short answer is 'yes'. The more convoluted one is 'as often as I can', which clearly hasn't been very often lately.
I'm hoping to remedy that. Fall down, get back up again sort of mentality.
I'm waving to you! Can you see me?


  1. Great to get an update! Happy 60th! Enjoy life, and living as much as possible.

  2. I am very pleased you are still blogging - I really like reading what you write and, in fact, have been going over your past blogs recently. My husband passed away a year ago and I have found it difficult to be motivated and I remembered your blogs on depression and just' doing one thing'. It did help. Thank you

  3. I'd love to do the same.

  4. Yes I can see you! Totally understand how do I get to this age, yes it's a privilege denied to some dear ones who went ahead of me, and the absolutely deniable fact that there are sigificantly more years behi d me than in front. Yes time away exploring the world is never long enough. Ah though, what a treasure and indeed a privilege to return to a beloved home and country!

  5. Hi Mimi, wow you had a fabulous vacation traveling to so many places. I do hope to visit Paris and Monaco as they are on my bucket list. I think having a positive attitude and just doing the things you love will help in the years to come. I hope you have a wonderful and happy birthday Mimi. Hugs, Julie xo

  6. I'm waving back Mimi!! Very happy to read your wonderful musings and inspirational posts again. Thank you.
    Happy birthday,
    Veronica xxxx

  7. Happy Birthday Mimi. I wish I was 60 again. I am pass 70. Life is just a number.
    Wow! what a nice vacation you have had. Paris and Monaco are on my bucket list.
    It's nice to hear from you again. Take care. Thelma.

  8. Mimi, so that's where you have been. I have a friend who absolutely loves France and she and her hubby live frugally so they can save up for their frequent trips there. They did stay there once for a few months to learn the language better. Back to work now I guess 😄

  9. Welcome home, Mimi!!

    You are very talented, and I love to read your posts!!


  10. Mmm the destination in that last photo looks pretty luxurious... What a nice place to come home to after a great adventure and well deserved break for a soon to be sextegenarian. It's just a number. You will make sure that you enjoy the journey, I know that. Love Janiebabe x

  11. Dear Mimi,
    so glad you are back and I am definitely waving back. lol
    Have missed you girl.....
    Oh are just a spring chicken honey.....I am about to turn 68 the end
    of March....but it is just a number and best of all you do not even look near

    I didn't really mind I just kept thinking how did I get here so fast, but life
    is good no matter your age.....if you just keep looking for the good. I think
    all those aches and pains and struggles are God's way of getting us ready for heaven.

    Oh wow, what a wonderful trip you had....awesome and a great way to celebrate
    the big 60 for sure. Glad you had a great time, and yes these days just seem to keep clicking off so is amazing.

    So take care and looking forward to hearing from you a bit more maybe
    oh and Happy Happy Birthday....May God richly bless you!

    Love and blessings,

  12. So glad you had a great trip Mimi. Well I think about this less time to live and more time already used up issue. I am doing more of what I think is important and I love and less of stuff I dont really want to do and isn't important in the big scheme of things. So more of Grandkids and family. More being home. Less TV (which is already almost 0) and so on. I feel time is precious and I appreciate things

  13. Hi Mimi,
    Just checking in to see if you and your family are doing okay with this virus
    thing. We are all fine but have been on lock down at home for the most part of
    2-3 weeks, and looks like it is gonna be for the whole month of April now,
    but think it is starting to help slow the spread.
    If you get this come over and let me know how you are hon.
    LOve and blessings, Nellie


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