Friday, April 12, 2019

Getting on with it....the working girls guide to insourcing....

So let me tell you about this weeks insourcing.
See, Husband thinks he's all over this shopping for groceries bizzo.
He's out there loading up the trolley at Aldi and patting himself on the back and all.
Does he menu plan? No.
Does he write a list? Yes. But he doesn't include things like pet food, sanitary items, or food that Daughter and I actually eat.
He buys frozen mixed vegetables (which are NOT my favourite thing), and precooked spare ribs (also NOT my favourite thing).
But what's a girl to do? He's shopping. He's doing it willingly. I say nothing. I just gently 'remind' and pop into the mercifully close Aldi underneath the office where I work and buy those things myself.
Meanwhile, the overabundance of peaches and nectarines due to Husbands over-enthusiastic adding to trolley of said fruits, has meant baking of morsels such as Peach Upside Down cakes seen above. Ahem...we won't talk about WHY.
Here's that recipe in a couple of sentences:
Upside Down Cakes
To make those, just slice the fruit and lay it on the base of your tin or muffin holes. I used a tray of square muffin holes for this. Pour your favourite vanilla or buttercake batter over that and bake as usual. Make sure your tins are well greased and floured. When you turn your cakes out they'll look just like mine.
Similarly, the Baby Spinach that I didn't know was there, and he doesn't like to serve, was wilted with poached eggs and avocado topped muffins for Sunday breakfast. Waste diversion tactics by me, naturally. He would have thrown it out, bless him.

He likes his bought yoghurt. So be it. I'll stick with my home made version. This one is Greek Yoghurt laced with honey, which you can find here.. I made my coconut version as well. That recipe here.

Thank goodness for cutting up veges ready to go. That saves a bunch of time on busy nights.

And life's not right without a pretty cake for morning tea. Everyone goes mad for a retro cake at work.
Team building stuff right there, folks.

What happened at your place this week?
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  1. Your avocado egg muffin certainly looks delish! As for the upside Down Cakes - devine!

  2. I am on the hunt for a tiler, the one who I thought would do the job is unable to work due to a back injury. Small job with no date as yet so may make it hard. Builder comes tomorrow and we will have a start date and hopefully a plan of works so that I can keep ahead of the game - need to make sure the freezer has ready to heat meals in it for when we have no kitchen. My husband starts his new job the last week of the month, he finishes up where he is (gave them 3 weeks notice) at the end of next week, well Thursday evening. Suddenly they have all realized that they need him to do this, that and the other, some have even started asking who is going to do the myriad of jobs that my husband has done that are not what he is supposed to be doing. I think they will realize that he was cheap at half the price as the saying goes in a few weeks time and there is no one there to fill the gap. Meanwhile it has been a little bit on the nasty side too so keeping things calm here has been the order of the day. Looking forward to the weekend so that we can actually catch up- he is in Gladstone today for a job that he organized to do before he got the new job. Lynette XXXX

  3. Now I have to try that recipe for the upside down cakes. I have a problem with over-buying stone fruit also.

  4. Hello! I giggled in your story about your husbands shopping as mine is the same. The cake is lovely!!

  5. Hi Mimi, it is so great that you have a husband who will do the food shopping! I love that. Here we usually will go together or I will do small food shopping trips alone. I love that you make your own yogurt and you save money that way! Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Oh you've done two posts since I last popped in. You are smashing this full time work business. The strawberry shortcake recipe that you were interested in is as follows:
    125g unsalted butter (I use normal butter)
    1/2 cup caster sugar
    1 egg
    3/4 cup plain flour
    3/4 cup SR flour
    2 tblsp strawberry jam (I use anything I have)
    1 medium apple
    2 tsp grated orange rind
    250g strawberries, sliced
    2 tsp sugar extra
    Grease a 20cm springform pan. Beat butter, sugar and egg until light and fluffy. Stir in sifted flours in two batches. Press ingredients together, knead lightly until smooth, wrap dough in plastic and refrigerate for 30 mins.
    Divide dough in half, press half over the base of the pan, spread with jam and grated apple, top with strawberries. Roll remaining pastry and cover the strawberries. Brush pastry with a little water and sprinke with extra sugar. Bake in moderate over for about 50 minutes and serve warm. You can double this receipe for a larger cake.
    You can substitute the strawberries for cherries or other berries.
    One big plus is that you cannot stuff it up! Believe me, I've tried. Last time I made it for the get together I left the sugar out. I remembered when it was almost cooked so I blended the sugar to make it more refined, spread the top of the cake with butter and pressed the sugar over the top and finished off baking for another 10 minutes. It still looked and tasted great!
    I think I like the bracelet you found on Etsy more than the Chanel one.
    My news is that I have received not one but two invitations to high teas in the next two months. One is at a restaurant and the other it at a private home. I am planning on wearing my triple strand of pearls to the private one. This one is going to be seriously frouffy or frou frou. I'm on the lookout in my local opportunity stores for anything else (like a stole).
    Looking forward to seeing how the She Shed is coming along.
    Love Janiebabe x

  7. Hi again, just thought I'd comment on this blog post too. It's good that your husband has taken the shopping off your hands. He'll never get it right but we forgive. Mine has been shopping and cooking since he retired 4 years ago. He cooks lovely meals and spends way more than I ever did. I don't think he ever compares prices and would look at me like I had two heads if I told him that he should buy the item that's 50 cents cheaper. What are you on about? it's only 50c would be his reaction. Never looks what's in the fridge or pantry beforehand (blokes!) BUT I am very happy to come home to a delicious cooked meal each work night and I think he's being a good role model for our boys. Keep it zipped sister is my

    Too much stone fruit is a problem I would like to have. I didn't buy much of it this year as they were usually $9.00 per kilo for peaches and nectarines and a lot more for apricots. When I did buy, some would be tasteless. It think it's been a feature of the drought and floods and inopportune times.

    You know that they will not accept your resignation when the time comes if you keep up the cake offerings. Have a great week. Lovely to hear from you in abundance.


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