Thursday, April 4, 2019

Getting on with it....the working girls guide to insourcing...

You might think that now that I have a Job Outside of the Home, that it's all Chanel bracelets and good times on the town.
Not at Chez Mimi, it's not. Never.
Yes I'm admiring this Chanel Assemblage style charm bracelet, but look...!
I've bought the base for my own DIY version on Etsy. $20. Including postage. A bargain, right?
I added two Victoriana inspired gold heart lockets to my cart while I was there. $50-ish each thanks to exorbitant postage.

I already have a third one which I wear regularly. These will all now be attached to my bracelet.
A reasonable facsimile of the Chanel version will  be achieved I think. P'raps even a little classier.
Meanwhile, I'm embroidering wattle and leaves on face washers whenever I sit still. Wattle is a true Aussie tree with a beautiful scent. You'd love it.
And if you thought we'd be lured into that den of iniquity called Take Away, you'd be wrong.
Behold bulk lasagnas….a godsend in a busy week.

This here is not a soap. No.
It's a wax melt. Custom made for the burner it's being gifted with.

I made it by melting the accoutrements in the burner itself...
...oils and botanicals added, stacked and wrapped with the oil burner, it's a pretty gift.
And daughters friends were so impressed with her candle making, that they're all coming here on Sunday for a candle making session.
I call that a win on every front.
Poached chicken is consumed here. Often. And with everything.

I apologise if I've already shown off the pretty puppy cake I conjured up for Granddaughter who just turned 7. I was a bit proud of self.

Her friends were so impressed that they've ordered cakes too....this one was for a roller skating fan.

Meanwhile Husband is doing insourcing his way.
He's tiled the ensuite of the She Shed.
Impressive, eh?

Macarons. I was scared of them
No more!

Rice and vege 'cakes' are the work lunch du jour round here.
Gluten free heaven.

And of course Son number three didn't just want a 'cake' for his birthday.
He requested Banana Bread Tiramisu.
What's a Mum to do but comply?

Meanwhile, I'm She Shed Chandeliering.

I decided I'd like it better white.
Now I have to pull it apart.
It will be worth it.'s some mini brown rice cakes!
They're delish too.
...and Rock oldie but a goodie.

See? Nothings changed....
What's different at your place?

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  1. Loving your idea of embroidered wattle on washers. Years ago someone gave me a hand towel she'd embroidered as a thank you gift for looking after her son's bunnies - a special gift.

    1. Hi Pam. I love these. They're so quick and easy, and paired with a prettily wrapped soap (have you seen how much soaps sell for in the gift boutiques???), they're a great instant gift. I'm glad you like yours! Mimi xxx

  2. You are amazing Mimi. Working full time and still baking and crafting. Don't know how people do it!

    1. Not amazing. Just easily! But thankyou! Mimi xxx

  3. I would love to know how to make wax melts. What a wonderful idea. Love your blog.

    1. Thankyou Chrissy. I will add that to todays post. Make hay while the sun shines....or rather blog while I'm recovering from the! Mimi xxx

  4. I've missed hearing what you are up to.

    1. Thankyou Anne. I've missed all of you too! Mimi xxx

  5. Hello Mimi, I hope you recover quickly. You have been so busy. I love the bracelet. All your baking looks divine. I concur with commenter above , I don't know how you do it. I have taken on 5 mornings a fortnight cleaning and now my house is falling behind. Love Clare

    1. Clare, I tell you, it's not always easy. I prioritise. I have bowed to having a cleaner come for 2 hours, once a fortnight, but I do the 'maintaining' in between. What can I say. I love my home, and it's weird to have someone else cleaning it. But I accept the necessity for this moment in time. Give yourself time to adjust too. I'm six months in today, and hadn't had a day off sick till this week. Only in the last month, have I felt on top of things. It will come. Be gentle on yourself. Love, Mimi xxx

  6. Gorgeous ideas Mimi! Love your style

  7. Very productive! Your cakes are amazing! I am working on some glam candles... they are a great gift since they are so expensive to buy. You are doing very well!
    What has changed around here? Mainly the season and now we are cutting wood for fires and bon fires and changed over to more wintery meals and the start of soups and casseroles etc. I have changed how I cook and shop a lot. My reliance on the stores is much less and I am becoming less and less keen on going to the city. I am hoping winter means more time to sew and craft! xxx


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