Thursday, August 9, 2018

Nannas Recipes in Four Sentences....super aromatic, tasty packets!


Home made aromatic, tasty gravy...super creamy too!

Easy, creamy and delicious over chips, sausages, chicken, meat or pastry goods.

Add 1 tsp stock powder (or 1 stock cube), 1 pinch dried garlic, 1 pinch dried onion, and a grind of pepper to 250mls of boiling water in a microwave safe jug, stirring to dissolve the stock cube.

In a separate jug or cup, combine 3 heaped tsp cornflour with 2 Tbsp cold water, stirring to a paste.

 Add the cornflour mix to microwave jug and stir well, then add a dash of milk and a dash of soy sauce to add creaminess and colour.

Microwave on HIGH for 60-90 seconds, stirring every 20-30 seconds.

Gluten free as well!

To make Pepper sauce, add green peppercorns to taste.

To make Garlic Sauce, add 3 cloves freshly crushed garlic.

For Mushroom sauce add a handful of thinly sliced fresh mushrooms.

For Diane Sauce, add one small onion that has been diced and sautéed lightly, one crushed clove of garlic, and a dash each of tomato sauce (ketchup), and Worcestshire sauce.

You're welcome.

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  1. Sounds yummy and easy! Thanks for sharing~
    karen o

  2. Mimi, these are such good posts. I will most certainly be trying the gravy mix. We need to keep thinking of innovative ideas all the time - exercise the little grey cells, to help keep our budgets interesting. Thank you, Lyn.

  3. Hi Mimi, thankyou for these posts. I need them. This gravy one is great. My husband likes Maggi gravy but its so expensive I hope to convert him to Mimi's Gravy. Clare


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