Friday, July 14, 2017

Nannas Recipes in 4 Sentences...Modern Petit Fours...

Deep turquoise icing coats cubes of madeira cake, then topped with edible gold paint and pearl dust
Elegant petit fours are little bite sized cakes made to simply admire briefly before popping whole, into ones mouth. Popular at High Teas and Cocktail Receptions, they're experiencing a bit of a revival, having disappeared from all but the five star buffet dinner spread for a decade or two.
Pink Jelly Cakes
Traditional Petit Fours are really nothing more than cubes of sponge or madeira cake, coated in icing, then lavishly decorated to suit the occasion.

Easy rolled fondant rosettes dipped in pink edible glitter sugar
You could start by cheating and buying a madeira cake (or any other really), making your own easy rolled fondant rosettes, and dipping the cubes of madeira in your own runny icing. Allow them to dry a bit, then top with your rosettes. Pretty.
Or if even that is too hard, simply drizzle pastel icing over your cubes of cake, and sprinkle with delicate edible rose petals...

Hand decorated sugar cubes...use a cake decorating pen
Hand drawn flora on sugar cubes is a nice touch.

More modern petit fours with vivid turquoise icing and metallic hand dusting, show that it doesn't have to be about pretty pastels and roses all the time.

Here's my Nannas recipe in four sentences...

Modern Petit Fours

 Bake a sponge or butter cake in a slab pan, allow it to cool, then cut into small, dainty cubes. Make a thin icing from powdered sugar and water, divide it into three bowls and tint each a delicate pastel shade for the ladies, or a more vivid hue for the men . Place the cake cubes on a platter, and spoon a little icing over each, allowing it to drizzle down the sides. Decorate each cube with a tiny sugar rose, edible flower petals (edible rose petals are available from many specialty tea shops), metallic pastel cachous, edible metallic paint and pearl dust, or crushed nuts.


  1. Those are beautiful!! I love the turquoise and gold1

  2. I am glad to hear that petit fours are coming back. I love the pink coconut diamonds with the rosettes--so pretty!

  3. These all looks absolutely divine! Pass the plates and so glad you linked.

  4. These look so beautiful and sound delicious!


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