Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Insourcing....home cooking is like printing money...

Fruit and cheese platter at a restaurant $16.00
At Home $2.00

House baked English muffin with Banana, Cinnamon Sugar and Fresh Local Figs at a restaurant $22
At Home $1.70

Waffles with Nutella and Fresh Berries at a restaurant $18
At home $1.00

Two Free Range Poached Eggs Benedict with Farmhouse smoked premium Leg Ham, house baked English muffins, freshly churned butter and Chefs own Hollandaise Sauce at a restaurant $26
At Home $3

Fresh Local Organically grown Figs from an organic supermarket $5 each
At Home $0

House baked Turkish style bread topped with locally grown avocado, sun ripened tomato, and local cheese from a restaurant $19
At Home $2.00

Mediterranean Bake with 7 vegetable rainbow, Farmhouse pork and cider sausages, and quality olive oil drizzle, served with gluten free oversized croutons $38 each at a restaurant
$1.78 each At Home.

Golden roasted Garlic Butter Organic Chicken with Lemon stuffing and gluten free pistachio crumble on the side, served with roasted carrots and baby potatoes at a restaurant $38 per serve.
At Home $3 per serve

House crafted Turkey and 3 vegetable meatloaf, served with fresh Californian Walnuts $16 at a restaurant
At Home $1.60

Local mushrooms sautéed in brown butter and served on house made sourdough with a Lemon Tarragon sauce at a restaurant $21
At Home $0.85c

36 Giant Beef, Basil and Parmesan meatballs, take home fresh made by the Chef $3 each from a restaurant or deli
At home $0.16c each

Locally sourced organic Coconut Yoghurt drizzled with real Canadian Maple Syrup and topped with fresh local blueberries and hand shelled pistachio nuts $15 at a restaurant
At Home $1.35

Ploughmans Platter of Gluten free toast, Local farmhouse premium leg ham, dual colour cherry tomatoes from the Kitchen Garden, French Triple Cream Brie at a restaurant $32
At Home $2.30

Antipasto platter of spiced American cheese, local Sugar Plums and grapes, Californian Walnuts and rice crackers $18 at a restaurant
$1.10 At Home

House crafted giant meatballs with Chefs special glaze, oven roasted cherry tomatoes from the Kitchen Garden, Frenched local green beans and sesame steamed rice $26 at a restaurant
$1.70 At Home.
Nuff said.
Cook your own, serve it with love, keep your money where it should be, paying off your mortgage, for your childrens education, your emergency fund, or for a special holiday.
Stop giving it away to others.


  1. Like you, Bluey and I are good cooks. Bluey has marinated steak, warm potato salad and a mixed salad ready to go for dinner tonight. This would be $30 each at a restaurant and less that $5 each at home.
    I make our jams, chutneys and most of our sauces. I priced these at a local market. One jar of zucchini relish was $8. I made tamarillo chutney the other day and it was about $2 for a jar and this would be counting the electricity used.
    I agree making your own at home is a real money saver.

    1. Jane, being a good cook is an advantage for sure! But even if your 'cooking' skills are average, anybody can rustle up a Ploughmans Platter or an Antipasto platter and a bit of yoghurt in a bowl with things sprinkled on it. I can't believe what cafes and restaurants charge for these things. I know they have overheads and wages and all, so I guess they're justifies. Maybe what I really mean is, I can't believe that people who are on limited incomes (and really, even the most lavish income, is still 'limited'), go out and eat this way, when they could be replicating that meal for 1/10th the price at home. Your relishes sound mouthwatering by the way! Love, Mimi xxx

  2. Replies
    1. My pleasure Little Penpen! It is, isn't it!

  3. ... and it's an art, indeed, a precious art, my darling Mimi !
    Thank you for another useful and informative, wonderful post of yours, sweet friend, blessed be !

    May the remainder of your week be as Beautiful as you

    XOXO Dany

    1. Dear Daniela, yes there is an art to feeding the family well, and presenting it beautifully. But thankfully an art which all of us can embrace. Lovely to see you Sweetheart. Have a gorgeous week. Love, Mimi xxx

  4. Mimi, your insourcing posts are my favourite! And I love that you have put actual figures on each dish to show the comparison. Reminds me that the kitchen really is the easiest place to save money. Have a lovely week :)


    1. Thankyou Jen. It keeps me motivated too! Have a great week there! Mimi xxx

    2. Your point about presenting what you cook really got me thinking. Perhaps this would be a good excuse to use some of the pretty china that's been collecting dust in my china cabinet.

  5. There's no comparison is there? Im making baby gifts today and in the middle I'm making zucchini quiche into muffins. Zucchini is from the veggie garden and eggs from our lovely hens. cheap as chips and as my partner says 'better than you could buy'. I am so with you and Annabel on this. And not only the financial benefits, but the pleasure of eating something you made yourself and the health benefits of knowing what is in your food. Can't beat it. Fi


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