Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A New You....Beautiful hands....

My husband once told me that he fell in love with me because of my beautiful hands. I responded that I hoped that the rest of me measured up!
These are not my hands here above, however they are very like mine, some thirty years ago.
These pictures below are all of my hands. They're not perfect any more, but I'm still proud of them.
Alas the march of time impacts on our hands as much as anywhere else, and perhaps more so. In and out of water, gardening, cleaning, crafting, sewing, wiping tears from little faces, patting beloved pets and soothing worried brows. Is there anything our hands cannot do? It seems silly sometimes to even worry about how they actually LOOK.
Strangely though, we see our own hands constantly, and I know from emails I received from some of you, after I asked you to write down something you loved about yourself, that sometimes hands are the part of our physique that we either lavish with attention or neglect, depending upon our point of view. I'm of the opinion that beautiful hands are as important as a pleasing face, and the thing is, that beautiful hands are within everyones reach. And unlike our faces, WE view them constantly. So for our self esteem, it just makes sense to make a fuss of our hands.

Moisturising hand cream can very quickly turn neglected hands into something more lovely. I have tubes or tubs of hand cream everywhere. From kitchen, to bathroom, to TV room, to bedside table and car console. I lavish my hands with moisturiser several times a day. This means that despite the rigours of child rearing, house cleaning and crafting and sewing and gardening, I remain blessed with hands that my husband still thinks are beautiful.
I don't favour long nails these days, preferring to keep them short and neat. But I do not miss an opportunity to embellish my nails nonetheless.
My daughter-in-law introduced me to Jamberry nail wraps some time ago. I love these because they do not chip, they are inexpensive compared to a salon manicure (about $11 for a mani AND a pedi that lasts up to three weeks), they are easy to apply, and withstand all kinds of abuse from stitching to gardening and washing. They take no longer to apply than nail polish, but without the necessity to wait for them to dry. Bliss! They come in plain colours, French manicures, and pretty designs like these below, so there is something for everyone. Yes I am a convert :)

I do not worry so much about my hands look aged. I know that many women do, but I figure that my hands have served me well in my lifetime, and don't mind so much that they look gracefully aged at my stage of life. I do however like the skin to look smooth and unblemished, so I love a cream here called John Plunketts Sunspot Cream, to help fade the little spots and blemishes common with exposure to the sun here in Australia.
It works brilliantly on sunspots on the face, arms and anywhere else as well. At around $20, it's a great buy and lasts for absolutely ages.
And for a final word on a really easy peasy 1 minute manicure effect, you can't go past an olive oil and salt scrub. Mix a little olive oil and salt (and essential oil for scent if you like...lemon is lovely), to a paste. Massage this well into your hands over the bathroom sink. Rub into your nails, concentrating on softening your cuticles and pushing them back gently. Smooth into the back of your hands, using the scrub to exfoliate the skin. Rinse with warm water, ensuring no salt remains trapped under the nail, and pat dry. You'll look like you've been to a Beauty Salon!
What's your favourite way to lavish your hands with love?


  1. Mimi, I love this post on our hands. I really like it that you share things that most everyone can do at home with a little money instead of a lot. I'm going to check out the Jamberry nails! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Mimi after many years of working outdoors my hands are showing the effects of a life lived. I use Annabel's brown sugar scrub on them once a week. I think I will give your scrub a go as softening the cuticles would be of benefit. I use as much moisturiser as I can but with all the humidity of late this just melts off and is most uncomfortable. I am going to have a look for the sunspot cream you mentioned.
    I am so glad you talked about the Jamberry nail covers. I love that they last as long as they do and assist in stopping my nails from peeling, becoming brittle and breaking. I've yet to try them on my toenails. They are a little bit of luxury.

  3. What a wonderful post. I also find my hands to be my favorite body part. I do my own manicures, my nails grow like weeds so they are always long. I protect them from harsh chemicals, use lotion often and add a top coat every day. The reason I like my hands the most is because they can be strong one minute and soft and loving the next.

  4. When I was young, I used to look at elderly folks' hands and think they were beautiful, showing a life well lived with all the wrinkles, spots and scars. Now that I am older, I don't see MY hands in the same way (sigh). Especially the sunspots, so thank you for the suggestion of the creme!

  5. I've never tried the Jamberry nail covers. I do pedis at home in sandal weather but generally prefer to simply keep my fingernails clean, short, and practical. The Jamberry designs are pretty, though.
    What I love is that you're embracing having gracefully aged hands. My hands (and face and tinsel-and-glitter-streaked hair) show that I've lived long enough to experience some things and hopefully gain a bit of wisdom...why not embrace and enjoy that?
    Blessings, Leigh

  6. Lovely post! Thank you for the top on age spots. I will look for the cream. Hands are so important and do so many things each day. I often forget to tend to them! Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Dear Mimi, I am on a hands blitz as gardening etc has made a mess of them and a year of painting didn't help. I think hands and feet take a lot of work but make a big difference! With love

  8. Hi Mimi and all, better late than never :-)
    Thanks for the tips Mimi,I hope I can find that sunspot cream here.Does it take long to work ? I ask as I had another brand sunspot cream and didn't notice a difference .
    I have large working hands and they fluctuate between looking well groomed and neat to puffy and red argh Id love to have dainty hands. But I do try to keep them as best I can . When Im stressed feeling I fiddle with my nails way too much , I need to stop that . Its usually in the evenings when Im tired.
    Thanks , Love Maria xxx

  9. I've been soaking my feet in a footbath with oil (Avon - Skin so Soft)about once a week and my 55 year old feet and heels are thanking me for it. We recently went out to lunch and my brother in law bent down to put a coaster under a wobbly table leg. When he sat back up he said 'you've got a nice pair of feet'. I agree 100% hands and feet are noticed so take care with them.


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