Saturday, February 11, 2017

A New You...Look for the right style, not the 'right label'....

Chic little non-label dress. Wear anywhere for under $50.
Classy little peeptoe slingback with modest heel. Wear anywhere for years and years for around $150.
Fabulous hat by local milliner Flora Fascinata...nice with above dress and shoes for Raceday or a Flora at her Contact Page here. Or buy a plain black hat and gussy it up yourself. I know Flora. She would approve.

Or for a more subtle effect, there's this metallic cutie if small and neat is more your style. Although I'd probably then go with the plain black version of the above dress, available for the same price.

Now. Here is a designer dress by a very famous, much loved and adored house. Honestly. Even the model looks unhappy wearing it, so what hope is there for we mere mortals?

Same designer. Ummmm.....Tea Cosy anyone?

And for the last word in 'I can only wear them once' shoes...yes, same designer.
So to my way of thinking, you could go out and spend about $5000 and look like a dogs breakfast but be able to say you're wearing....well...a famous designer.
Or you could go out and spend $250-
$300 absolute maximum, and look uber classy and chic.

Nuff said..


  1. I actually laughed out loud at your observation about looking like a dog's's true! Please, designers, give us real clothes for real people! And thanks for the giggle, Mimi!
    Blessings, Leigh

    1. Hi Leigh...Yes the designers have a great deal to answer for I think. Grrr....Mimi xxx

  2. Those designer clothes really are odd. Those shoes look like they'd be as comfortable as strapping a brick to your foot.
    I have two simple outfits that I can wear when we go to picnic races, weddings and other special occasions. My hat is a moulded black akubra that I have a couple of flower brooches that I can attach. Right now I need to find some shoes that are smart and comfortable. I think I will give the strap on bricks a big pass.

    1. I know, right?? What are they thinking! Your hat sounds fabulous Jane. Love, Mimi xxx

  3. Good for laugh Mimi :-)those fashion items! Dreadful lol.
    Much nicer to see that black dress and your cute shoes hehe.
    I spotted some skin coloured heels at our local Dressmart and bought them . Sort of like your neutral heels but not. Now wondering if I will wear them...oops. But I have been using a black clutch since you mentioned it earlier.And finding that works very well and is easier than I thought it would be. ie thought a handled bag would be far easier. So It's interesting to try new ideas that you give us. Thanks Maria xxx

    1. Nude heels are a wardrobe staple I think Maria. Go for it! As for your clutch bag, they're a slimming thing, funnily enough. A tote or a handbag, adds width to your silhouette. It's a good trick :) Love, Mimi xxx

  4. Love the photo of the unhappy model. Life is hard.

  5. Mimi, I'll have you know that I'd eat my dog's breakfast before putting any of those designer get-ups on!!! Yikes!

    Loved the outfit you put together. Much prettier and you could take a nice vacation on the money you saved vs. the other one!

    1. Thanks Debby. And yes, the financial savings are gratifying. The last designer dress I admired was $1900. That's a airfare to France, thanks. Mimi ;-)


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