Sunday, January 22, 2017

A New You....Bonus Post...Your Health and Beauty Calendar Part 1...

Why do five star hotels feel so luxurious?
Is it their pared down décor, and minimalistic approach to colour schemes?
Is it their selection of toiletries, always displayed with pride and of impeccable manufacture and origin?

 Is it the Zen style floral arrangements and peaceful ambience?
Or is it the fact that wherever you go in a five star hotel, or on a cruise ship, where we've just been for two weeks, you see some sort of maintenance going on? Rooms are 'rested' and given a makeover and an update, railings are freshly painted and given time to dry and look their best, gardens are constantly groomed and manicured and revised as seasons change.
I believe it's all of those things, and one of my missions this year, is to show you how you can use the same principles of simplifying, choosing to pamper yourself with the best you can afford (which may mean some very special DIY recipes), including a bit of Zen in your day, resting well and regrouping, grooming and manicuring, and a year long programme of self maintenance and seasonal upgrades, can change your life for the better.
Here's me. A shot taken on the cruise by the cruise photographer, just three weeks ago.
I don't kid myself that I look 20 any more, or even 30. I'm 57 years old in just 28 days. But I have finally found a peace with who I am and how I look. And looking around me, I'm doing okay for 57. There are those who carry their age better than I, but there are plenty more who do not.
I've wrestled with all kinds of faults, perceived and imagined, over my lifetime, but no more. This shot was taken without the benefit of a suntan (real or salon generated), eye makeup, hair products (I took none with me), or flashy clothes. And no digital enhancing! I've had naturally silver hair for a couple of years now, and straightened it for quite a while, thinking that the curly silver hair aged me. Well, maybe it does. But I'm okay with that all of a sudden. I tinted my eyebrows before we left, or they'd be non-existent, but apart from a dust of Mineral powder, and a clear lip gloss, there's no makeup involved here. My wardrobe for the cruise was simple, and this top was worn with a slim black pencil skirt, the nude wedge heels and slim envelope clutch I featured in my post a couple of days ago, here. The drop earrings were a purchase en route, and feature a Chanel-esque camellia on the end of long slim silver pins, with a sparkling crystal set behind the flower. That was my only jewellery.
I feel like I've turned a corner. I've been lamenting for years, in my 50 & Fab posts that I could not find my style. And suddenly, it found me. Funny how it goes, sometimes in life.
Can I share my own personal Health & Beauty calendar? I was going to save it for a later post, but I'm so excited about this new phase at A Tray of Bliss, that I couldn't wait.
Here's my suggested routine. I guarantee that if you follow this for the next twelve months, there truly will be a New You, at this time next year.
Morning...cleanse face in shower (I just use water and a microfiber cloth in the mornings), ice cube to face and under eyes to tone and diminish bags under eyes (works wonders...those under eye bags virtually disappear!), brush teeth and floss, drink water, moisturise face and body, wash hair and apply mousse and allow to dry naturally
Exercise...walk, yoga, Zumba at home with a DVD (alternating), drink water
Meditate for 10-20 minutes (that's my Zen), drink water or herbal tea
Evening...cleanse face with cream cleanser, ice cube run over face, or cold water splashed on face to tone, facial exercises (I'll share these soon), home made serum or night cream, deep conditioning moisturiser to hands and feet before bed, drink water
Manicure...I use Jamberry vinyl nail wraps and can't recommend them enough...a Jamberry manicure will last 1-3 weeks without any risk or chipping or any need for maintenance
Deep condition hair (a must when you embrace the Grey!)
Walk with friends
Tint eyebrows
Shave legs and underarms
Toner to hair to eliminate any brassiness in the Grey
Pedicure (Jamberry again!)
Weigh self and adjust diet and exercise programme if things are getting out of hand
Breast examination
Trim hair...I do it myself as it's all one length anyway.
Self pampering treatments like a coffee grain scrub, loofah brushing and body oil, olive oil and socks to feet, olive oil and sugar scrub and gloves to hands
Six Monthly

Assess Grey hair and decide if the current cut and style is still flattering and manageable. Change if not.
Routine medical checkup
Pamper day with friends at home or at a Day Spa
This schedule was drilled into me by my European mother from a young age, and I have never deviated from it. From time to time, I've had to take on more DIY than I once did as a young career woman with cash to burn, but you know what? I DIY almost all of that now (bar the medical visits...can't imagine doing my own Pap!), and I actually enjoy it. It's calming. And it's rewarding.
What do you think? Could you embrace my routine? Or do you already have your own in existence? Do share!
I'll be converting this routine to a PDF overnight, for you to download. Sit tight!



  1. A gorgeous photo of a beautiful person inside and out. Thank you for what you had to say about my Granddaughter and me.

    1. Dear Jane, you are lovely. And you ARE beautiful! You just don't see it. I want to encourage you to put your reservations about self aside. Here's another way to do it. Find a favourite photo of yourself, rather than using the mirror. Now, write down what you like about that particular photo. Is it that your hair was behaving that day? Are you happy and smiling? Do you look healthy and full of joie de vivre? And here's another exercise. Have a look at some Hollywood actors. People like Meryl Streep, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kate Winslett, Cate Blanchett, Danny de Vito, Joan Crawford, Katherine Hepburn, and many more, are folk who you wouldn't give a second glance in the street, were it not for their celebrity status and team of stylists, never mind their endless bank accounts. We ALL have something special and unique that makes our families love us. Let's focus on those qualities. The movie 'A Beautiful Life' is a perfect example of this idea. It's a Christmas movie, but worth watching any time. Have a lovely day. Mimi xxx

  2. I love your hair! On January 3 I went and had the colour cut off and I'm now short silver mostly with some salt and pepper at the back of my scalp. It is SO liberating! Bring on that PDF because I can't wait - it's time to take care of me.

    1. Dear Allison, thankyou! It's a lot less hassle than straightening, that's for sure! I'm so proud for you that you've embraced the grey. It's not for everyone, but for those of us who can carry it off, yes it IS liberating! Love, Mimi xxx

  3. Mimi - you look like a woman at peace with herself and comfortable in her own skin. Thanks for sharing your routines. I always start my routines but always seem to fall by the wayside. This year I hope to do better. I have already started looking through my wardrobe (what a mess). I have replaced old nightwear and underwear. So I've made a start!

    1. Dear Ronnie, yes I think I am that woman. Don't worry, my routine isn't always perfect either, but overall, I'm pretty steady, and it does make a difference. I could never go to bed with moisturising, and I look forward to my Nivea Q10 body lotion after my morning shower. Ahhhh....wardrobes. Yes we'll cover that. Mine is better than it was, but still needs work, so I hear you! Well done on the nightwear and underwear too. That's often a neglected area, and so important! A great start! Love, Mimi xxx

  4. Gorgeous Happy photo Mimi, loving the top too.Look forward to your PDF as well , love Maria xx

  5. You are definitely a natural beauty! How wonderful for you to be at peace with yourself! It's something hopefully we will all learn to do. My routine is a lot like yours. My good quality list is like yours. And the amount of weight I should lose is like yours as well! However you look wonderful! As people have told me, even my sweet husband, I look great for my age! Maybe 30 some pounds of extra weight doesn't look as bad as we think. 😉 I know I would feel better with it off though so I will continue to work at it. I'm glad you were able to have a fabulous vacation.

    1. Dear Melody, you say the loveliest things! I think there is something in what you say that a little extra weight adds some softness to our features at our age. In that respect, it's not all bad, so long as we look after heart health and general well being. Have a lovely day, Melody! Mimi xxx

  6. Mrs. Mimi. You are beautiful. End of story. Love, Melinda <3

    1. Melinda, you are a sweetheart. Love, Mimi xxx

  7. Hi Mimi,
    Love Love Love this pic of you and I think you look younger with the curly
    hair, it looks awesome. I really think what makes an older woman look her
    best is not trying to look young............being happy with who you are
    and your age and growing older gracefully..........I am in process of trying
    to grow my hair out so it will be naturally silver, what an ordeal....
    can't wait for it to be done....nobody ever tells you what it will be like
    to reverse this....I am using demi permanent color now in a med. blonde but
    it looks like light brown which is actually great cause it makes my darker
    hair in the back not show up so much. That was an Oopsie a few months ago,
    think it was a lil help from the Lord as I just didn't know what to do,
    cause I had gone to my old stylist and she just did my roots and it lasted
    about 4 washes and cost $70, so definitely didn't want to continue that...
    Anywho, one day in 2017 I will be mostly silver and looking forward to it.
    Don't mind going silver just don't want to look awful while doing

    Thanks for all your great ideas....I am definitely not a big make up wearer
    either I am more of an Ivory girl type or just into the more Au La Natural look.

    Have a good week,
    Look forward to next weeks post.

    1. Hello lovely Nellie! You are always full of sweet compliments! I hear you on the price of colouring at the hairdresser. EEEEk!!! It's a process, going silver. But so worth it. Love, Mimi xxx

  8. That is a gorgeous photo Sue! xx


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