Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A New You.. DIY almost no cost beauty treatments #1...

There are so many lovely and luxurious facial and body treatments that you can concoct for next to nothing, to facilitate a New You. You really don't have to spend a lot of money at all.
Here are some of my favourites. I learned many of these at my Mothers elbow as a Tween and Teen. She was European and greatly interested in Herbal Remedies at a time when information on those things was a little scarce. She was one clever Mama.
Peel Off Mask
These are such a gorgeous way of really feeling like you've had a Spa treatment, without going to the Spa. Of course you can buy these as well, but it's so much more fun (and less expensive) to make your own. This is divine in Summer.
You'll need:
1 sachet of unflavoured gelatin
1/4 cup fresh fruit juice
1/4 cup herbal tea infusion of your choice
To make the infusion, steep 2-3 teabags in a flavour that you love (Jasmine Green Tea is my favourite), in 1/4 cup boiling water. Allow to cool.
Mix the cooled infusion with your fresh juice. Watermelon, citrus, kiwi fruit, apple, and pear are all good selections. If you do not have a juicer or blender, you can mash things like Watermelon and kiwi fruit, and even soft pears. Strain the pulp through a sieve to obtain the juice, even if you're using a blender or juicer. You want nice liquid juice, not pulp.
Add the sachet of gelatin to the combined juice and tea infusion, and stir until it dissolves. Gently heat the mixture on 75% power in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds, until it's clear and thick. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.
Apply to a clean dry face, with clean fingers or a soft pastry brush (kept for this purpose only), lay back and relax and allow the mask to dry.
Once completely dry, lift at the top edges (you may have to use a fingernail to start the edge lifting), and peel gently downwards. Finish with a swipe of Witch Hazel on a cotton ball, or simply a splash of cold water.
DIY Facial Serum
This gorgeous potion probably set me back around $100 for the initial ingredients, but that has made me two years worth of luxurious facial oil....or some for me and some for friends and family. Because any time anyone gets close to me when I've used this, they can't help but inhale and say 'You smell heavenly! Where do I get some of that!'
The consistency of this is not oily as such, it's more fluid and silky. It spreads like a dream, massages in swiftly and leaves your skin soft and scented like a warm Spring evening.
If you're going to make this one, please make sure you buy real essential oils, not fragrance oils.
Store this in a little plastic kitchen container (those little cube shaped ones are ideal), in a cool dark place, and decant into your pretty bottle with an eye dropper for easy use. I use about 1/2 a teaspoon or one eye dropper worth, per application. I use it all over my face, including under the eye, on my neck and my chest and décolletage.
My skin looks fresh and plump and I smell lovely, and so will you!
Into your small sealable kitchen container or bottle, combine:
Four tablespoons each of two cosmetic grade oils... I like Macadamia best, paired with Almond or Apricot Oil
10 drops Vitamin E Oil (available at Pharmacies)
10 drops Neroli Essential Oil
4 drops Jasmine Absolute
Decant, using an eye dropper, into a smaller bottle, for daily use if you wish. I keep mine in a little bottle with a glass stopper. It looks just as luxurious as any packaged cosmetic I've owned.
I like to use this in the morning after cleansing or washing with home made goats milk soap, allowing the oil to be absorbed for five minutes before applying 100% pure Aloe Vera Gel as a makeup primer.
Allow the Aloe Vera Gel to dry completely before applying mineral makeup powder or foundations.
Use evenings too, after cleansing or washing with goats milk soap, as a gorgeous night time treat for your skin.
This is also absolutely lush as an oil cleanser if you don't have access to goats milk soap. Simply remove a lightly massaged application of oil with a muslin facecloth, and follow up with another lighter application, massaging gently in an upward motion whilst the skin is still warm.

Herbal Bath Parcels
Into a square of muslin (a Chux cloth will do if you do not have muslin), place the contents of any favourite herbal teabag or two teaspoons of loose herbal tealeaves, plus any other dried aromatics or botanicals you like such as rose petals, rosebuds, dried lavender, chamomile flowers, mint leaves, cinnamon sticks and chopped vanilla pods. Bundle the muslin or cloth up and tie with kitchen string or ribbon. Add to your bath as it's running and enjoy. I do find you need a fairly substantial amount of leaves and botanicals for this to work well, but it's still significantly less expensive than an Aromatics Bath at a Day Spa, which at last check, was $99! Yes! $99 for a bath. Granted you got a fruit smoothie afterwards, and some guaranteed peace and quiet, but that too, can be arranged.

Finally do not underestimate feeding your skin and soul from within. If you feel well, and your body is functioning at optimum levels, then this will be reflected in the way you look. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, an occasional treat, and lots of water. In fact, most of us could forgo many expensive beauty treatments, if we just gave up caffeine, alcohol and sugary drinks, and instead, just drank water. I once had to, on medical advice, drink nothing but water for a week, and the difference in the way my skin looked was absolutely astounding! Try it and see!

What's your favourite DIY beauty treatment?


  1. I love home made beauty treats and treatments. I already do my own cut, colour, conditioning treatments, eyebrows, eyelashes, nails and pedis. I have made my own scrubs for years and do my DIY microdermabrasion which really does a very close job to actual microderm.
    Lately Ive been trying Lush copycat recipes but Luch are good enough to give you the ingredients and even show you things being made so you can see what goes in... and this had me make "angels on bare skin" cleaner which is the nicest thing I have ever made! It feels just beautiful and your skin feels lovely. Also I made a scrub with rose petals and sugar like you did Mimi. I love that too.
    I really like your serum recipe. I think these things work as well as anything. We just have to give our skin whats suitable i.e. my skin is mainly dry.
    I think we are avoiding a lot of pretty nasty chemicals as well and its better overall, apart from the fortune saved. xxx

    1. Annabel, I love all of your ideas. You're a font of wisdom on this topic! I agree that using nature based products wherever possible is the way to go too. Love, Mimi xxx

  2. Hi Mimi,
    I use Annabel's brown sugar scrub once a week. I have psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis on my face and hairline so I have to be careful what I use on my skin. I like the idea of your serum but will need to see if those oils and I can play nicely together. I currently make up a lavender salve using coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax and lavender oil. This really is lovely. I also make unscented lotion bars from the same ingredients as the salve minus the lavender oil. My DIL uses the salve and the lotion bars on my granddaughters bottom.
    I make the gelatin mask only I use some powedered gelatin and milk. I make a paste, put it on, let it dry and peel. It's very good at getting blackheads out of the nose and works just as well as those pore strips do. Hope you're not boiling away there in Brisvegas. It was 34 on my cool veranda a few minutes ago.

    1. Jane, that's so frustrating for you with the psoriasis and dermatitis. It's a rotten thing. I guess over the years, you've found what works for you, so stick with it. I love the sound of that mask! I bet my daughter will as well. Thankyou! Mimi xxx

  3. Ohh Mimi your serum sounds lovely !I have two facial oils to use up and some natural skin care products so will look back at these when those are used. But as I have neroli and Jasmine absolut I might just add a few drops to one of the oils I have .
    Jane- I make a balm with exactly the same ingredients!
    Love Maria xx

    1. Maria, that serum is my most favourite thing EVER. It's glorious! Mimi xxx

  4. I've recently been investigating homemade skin products since my daughter had an adverse reaction to what I thought was a quality commercial brand. Your suggestions look lovely! Thank you!
    Blessings, Leigh

    1. Leigh, home made is always the go-to here. Second stop, natural and organic. You can't go wrong (well, mostly!). Love, Mimi xxx

  5. Hi Mimi,
    Ooo, how luscious your oil serum sounds and I am going to concoct one very soon. TYSM for sharing the ingredients. I just used up my Neroli eo in a batch of soap I made today, but I have some Rose and Jasmine, so think those will do just loverly.
    I love your idea of a pretty glass decanter as much as the serum recipe. Feeding the soul with scents and sights!
    Thanks, Mary from San Diego and Bluebirds


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