Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Motherly Advice...keep a bit of Luxury in the car!

I try to incorporate a little luxury in my day in as many ways as I can.
Now, that doesn't mean I go out spending up big on designer handbags and Rolls Royces.
Rather, I try to surround myself with little indulgences that add to my quality of life in small ways.
One way I do this is by having a few favourite luxuries in my car console.
Our cars often become a dumping ground for shopping dockets, ticket stubs, used tissues, lists, empty water bottles and goodness only knows what else.
Not good for the soul.
Here's my console. It contains the following items...
My favourite mints
A purse size bottle of one of my favourite fragrances
Hand cream
A jewelled compact
Palmers cocoa butter Lip balm
A pen with a favourite designer logo
A nail file and miniature bottle of nail polish for touch-ups (out of view)
I have a thing for hand creams especially in the dry Winter months here, and have them everywhere. Lavender is always my first choice, but I adore Rose as well.
The compact is a vintage item found at a market, but I see similar ones being sold for around the $5 mark by the Asian vendors in the centre of the aisles at the shopping centres all the time.
The pen is one I designed with Vistaprint and I ordered several for personal use and to give as gifts with beautiful stationery and personalised postcards.
And the perfume, well, my car always smells glorious :)
This is such a little thing, but having my little luxuries there next to me really adds to my day and puts a smile on my face.
Make the effort to put some beautiful things in your car console. I bet it makes you smile too.
In fact, this Mothers Day, why not make up a little basket of luxury items for Mum for the console of her car. A fast drying nail lacquer, a lip balm, mints, a foldup brush, a jewelled compact, her favourite scent in miniature, and a bejewelled pen and pretty notepad for those times when you just have to make a note of something. 
I bet she'll love it!


  1. Lovely , but only if you are the type of person who can resist temptation to be putting on that hand cream or fussing with that stuff while you are driving. I was a very nervous passenger while my friend was applying hand cream with no hands on the wheel. A long couple of minutes. No exaggeration nearly every darn person on my commute to work (Melb CBD)has their head bobbing up,and down texting or doing something it's so scary knowing drivers around you aren't concentrating at all.

    1. Lol Curly Club! I can just picture it! A very long couple of minutes. Inattentive drivers are a nightmare, aren't they. Rest assured, my car pampering occurs only when the car is parked ;-) Mimi xxx

  2. There is a shop near us which always smells gorgeously of watermelon, and my DS and I always make a point of walking past it. We wandered in one day to check what the smell came from - a very expensive candle. I can't quite remember why, but we wanted my car to smell like this. So I went on to eBay and found some very cheap watermelon scented melts. They work so well, the car smells beautiful, and it didn't cost me very much at all :)
    My handbag always has a small bottle of perfume, although I do put on perfume every morning without fail. I do have handcream in various places around my home, but for some reason I rarely use it (while hating how dry my hands get sometimes)
    Don't forget that heat can destroy fragrances, so just be aware when keeping them in the car.
    Love your work, Mimi xx Fiona

    1. Fiona, that sounds divine! I'm off to look for those! Mimi xxx

  3. What a lovely idea! The centre consoles in both our cars tends to be a bit of a dumping ground, but you have inspired me to take some action to change that. I have tubes of hand cream and lip balm everywhere (bathroom, bedroom, in my desk at work...) but never thought to keep any in the car.Thanks Mimi.

    1. Sherri, I just love having them there on hand. My hands are always dry, and lips, likewise. So it's lovely to have those little niceties close by. Why not! Mimi xxx

  4. Dear Mimi, This has made me think of a little car kit for a gift. And a decent little rubbish bin for the car. They should come with a rubbish bin! Now and then I clean out my husbands van for him. He thinks thats so nice as he spends hours a day in it. these little things can make a real difference to your day. With love

    1. Dear Annabel, Yes! A little rubbish bin is a great how to do that elegantly? Lol! All these little touches are things we do without thinking in the home, and yet the car is neglected. It does make a difference. So lovely to have a clean, tidy and organised car. Love, Mimi xxx

  5. A brilliant idea! I've always made sure to have my favorite music, but never thought to go beyond that.

    1. Amalia, music is important too, but take it one step further. You won't regret it! Mimi xxx


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