Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Soignee` Storage and Scented Scenic Sachets....

Isn't it funny how one little idea can change the way you think?

That happened to me last week, when I saw Jes's post at Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth, on linen storage, here.

I too, lack a proper linen cupboard, and struggle to find a way to neatly store our extra towels, sheets and Winter blankets.

Well, thanks to Jes, no more!

After seeing how neat and visible her pretty floral sheets were in those opaque plastic tubs, I had to replicate the idea.

Now I'm not one to leave a good idea alone, so being the dedicated Francophile and Good Traveller that I am, I expanded on her idea slightly.

First of all, off to The Graphics Fairy where I found this French Apothecary Label....

This I printed out the pre-requisite number of times for my tubs.

I then used Google translate to find the French substitutions for the very plain contents of each tub, and hand scribed them onto each label, gluing them into place with craft glue.

This one below, says 'Dog Linen'. It looks far lovelier as 'Chiens Linge', doesn't it?

Next of course, the contents of each tub (apart from our doggies'), had to be appropriately scented for storage.

I had a few small teaspoons worth of the Aromatics Elixir talcum powder that I had worn on our wedding day, nearly 20 years ago, and decided that this would be a pretty way to use it and have it preserved forever.

Next I printed out scenes of our recent and not so recent travels, and altered them using Picasa 3, and the '1960s', 'Cross Process', and 'Saturation' enhancements to give them a Vintage feel.

Do you like them?





I printed these out on A4 paper, and folded the edges towards the back to create a sachet, which I glued and filled with half a teaspoon of my Aromatics Elixir talc.

Each sachet was then both glued and stapled shut, and a toning chocolate or navy satin ribbon stapled to the tops, where I tied each into a swooping bow, seen both here below, and at the top of this post.

Now every time I open my tubs to remove or store things, I'm greeted by fabulous reminders of our travels, and the divine perfume I wore on my special day.

Very nice indeed.

Imagine baby photo sachets filled with Johnsons Baby Powder, or Christmas ones scented with Cinnamon Sticks...my brain is in overdrive imagining the variations!

Thankyou to Jes, for inspiring my new storage idea. Everything is now neat and tidy, easily accessible, and beautifully scented.

Happy me :)

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  1. Love love love the labels Mimi. Linen safely sealed away is probably an idea that will have us keep more speare linen on hand too. On over stuffed cupboard is pretty awful.
    I need to get working on mine. This week it's the bathroom cabinet and things I should have thrown away ages ago.
    This is lovely, thank you! xxxxx

    1. I knew you'd like them Annabel! Thankyou to Jes for the clever idea, I have to say! This has made such an amazing difference to my storage space. The tubs stack on top of each other too, so you won't believe how much you can fit into a small space. Good luck with the bathroom cabinet. I think mine needs attention too! Love, Mimi xxx

  2. Just gorgeous, Mimi xx Fiona

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Debbie. I always think that useful things don't have to mean ugly things :) Mimi xxx

  4. Just beautiful, Mimi. Very creative. I have a friend who loves, loves, loves France and she and her hubby go there every couple of years for a few months. She now speaks French extremely well and even teaches young children.

    1. Sigh Nanna Chel. I wish I had the 'language' gene. Despite my best efforts, my French is rusty at best. Your friend must have been very dedicated to learn later in life! Love, Mimi xxx

  5. Ahhhh, this made my day! So glad you had fun redoing your "linen closet"! :) I love your French accents!

    1. Oh JES, I have YOU to thank for the idea! It was just a complete a-ha moment for me! Bowing to your superior knowledge. Mimi xxx

  6. This is a fabulous set of ideas. It's wonderful how you've managed to make something quite mundane much more special. Who would have thought linen storage could be so creative! I'd love it if you stopped by my link up with your post if you have time?

    Sally @ Life Loving

    1. Thankyou Sally. I'll pop on over! Mimi xxx

    2. Thanks Mimi - I've loved reading more of your posts this week. Hope you'll stop by again.

      Sally @ Life Loving

  7. Hi Mimi! Such a charming idea and having the unglamorous words translated to French takes it over the top to fabulous! Popping over from Creative Country Mom's. Jane

  8. A wonderful way to create beautifully scented storage sachets with your holiday memories printed onto them! A super idea! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Mimi, thanks for sharing for sharing some treasures from your "Tray of Bliss" this week. I hope that your tray of life is always filled with life's treasures. Please return again soon.

  10. What a lovely way to spend time and make something useful and pretty as well. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  11. What a great idea! Very creative and lovely end result.

  12. Absolutely LOVE your idea! How creative and wonderful!


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