Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Teacup Exchange Reveal...Beautiful boxes and Ballerinas...

What anticipation when a box as gorgeous as this arrives....Butterflies, Bows and...

...Ballerinas! Someone has done their research!

Lace and Dance slogans yet...oh my gosh...this person knows me better than I know myself!

Ballet pink hearts, roses and pearls, and my favourite tea...

...with lots of tulle!
And of course the teacup...all prettiness and flowers and ballet pink trim...

What's prettier? The cup or the saucer?

Now taking pride of place in my collection of ballerina themed teacups.

Thankyou Kim of Sarah Lizzies Handmade for your beautiful thoughtful gift.
And kisses to Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose  for connecting me with two new sender and my receiver. You are a Darling. Stephanie had over 150 ladies participate in her most recent Teacup and Mug Exchange. What a mammoth task, and what a beautiful result for all of us.
I sent to Shane at Roses Lace Brocante and was so eager to get my parcel in the post, that I completely forgot to photograph it! You'll have to pop over to Shanes beautiful blog to see what I sent her. I am hoping she loved it as much as I loved putting it together.
Thankyou Stephanie! I think you must be an angel in disguise!


  1. Oh Mimi, Kim did indeed do her homework {{smiles}} The heart is oh-so-romantic and took my breath away. And the tea cup.....gorgeous! I am so glad you joined the exchange sweet friend. I look forward to having you link your post up to tomorrow's reveal.

    Much love to you!

  2. What a lovely gift, Mimi. Just up your alley of course ;-)

  3. Good Morning Mimi, How wonderful, to receive a gift which is perfectly tailored to your style. Kim has really 'done you proud' as we say here in England. The design on the tea cup of pink roses and blue daisies is just perfect.
    When you have the time, make yourself a nice cup of tea, sit down in your favourite chair, put your feet up and enjoy this wonderful gift.
    Best Wishes

  4. Mimi! The design is beautiful! Such thoughtful presentation, too. I love this. xx

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, so dainty, what a beautiful gift you received, thank you for sharing,

  6. Oh Mimi...look at you with all those pretty pink feminine treasures. I'm not a jealous person, but...
    Oh those would fit perfectly in my home.
    Kim certainly knows how to do her home work. :-)
    I adore Kim, and you will too.
    Enjoy your blessed gifts, dear friend.

  7. What an absolutely stunning teacup! And yes, indeed, the best treasure of the swap is the making of new friends. Stephanie is an angel to do this all for us.

  8. What an absolutely beautiful teacup and other lovelies you received. Kim's blog is just filled to the brim with's no wonder your gifts would be too!

  9. Oh, dear Mimi! What delights...I simply adore the ballerina theme and oh my! Your tea cup is simply too gorgeous for words...Kim is a true dear, and I am so glad to have ''met'' her in this delightful blogging world!

    And I am so happy to have ''met'' you too! I am now a happy follower of your sweet blog...:-)

    Wasn't this tea cup exchange simply lovely...? I am happily dreaming of the next one! {{smiles}}

    Blessings and love to you!


  10. It was such a delight to immerse myself in your beautiful blog, Mimi AND an absolute delight to gather together pretties which I thought you would love. This tea cup exchange has been the best fun, not only to gift such pretties to a lovely lady, such as you, but to meet kindred spirits from all over the world whom take time each day to partake in a genteel cup of tea in a pretty tea cup!!

  11. Hi Mimi, what a beautiful teacup you received! Love the ballerina theme and the gorgeous heart is stunning. So nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind comment. I have so enjoyed my visit and now a new follower too. Your blog is filled with beauty. The exchange was simply the best and Stephanie is such a dear pulling it all together for so many around the world. Blessings to you and enjoy the day! xo

  12. What a beautiful tea cup you were blessed with. I'm glad you were able to join Stephanie's tea cup exchange. I had a most delightful time too. :)

  13. Everything in your customized package--from the presentation to the teacup--is beautiful!

  14. What a lovely package. Beautiful presentation and tea cup.



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