Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hand dyed muslin roses for Valentines Day...

My hand dyed muslin rose. Photographed on a page of French roses in a favourite book :)

I used half a packet of Petal Pink dye in a bucket of hot tap water, and immersed strips of muslin in it for just 20 seconds. I then rinsed them and allowed them to drip dry.

I would have liked them paler and next time will use just a fifth of a packet of dye I think.

The strips are about a metre long by 25 cms wide. I folded one strip in half lengthwise for this rose.
To make the rose, I used one of the many rolling methods online. However what they were saying about 'twisting' the fabric just didn't make sense to me. So just kind of rolled and folded the strip and it came out fine. I'd roll around half the rose, then fold the free end of the strip down to form a corner, and continue rolling to form that pleated effect, if that makes any sense.

More like this method here....

I'll take some photos of my method when I have The Diva Daughter here, and a spare pair of!

This made a large one but I'm making all different sizes and gifting them to friends for Valentines Day as brooches, hair clips, and card embellishments :)

Happy Valentines Day everyone!


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