Monday, November 25, 2013

Motherly Advice...Make ironing a pleasure

 'Woman Ironing'  Armand Desire Gautier (French 1825-1894)

First and foremost, have a decent ironing board with padding beneath the cover, and comfortable shoes to relieve fatigue. I'm assuming that like me, you prefer to get the ironing over and done with in one fell swoop!

Secondly, do treat yourself (that sounds odd, but having good equipment to perform your household tasks IS a treat of sorts) to a decent iron. One that feels light in your hand, preferably cordless....this is the twenty first century after all...and a decent steam and spray function.

Start with the most delicate items, ironed on a lower temperature, and move upwards to the more substantial items requiring the higher temperatures.

Make sure you have plenty of coathangers! I have been buying six velvet covered hangers a week for ages. An investment of just $6 a week, now means we can use these exclusively. They take up less space in the wardrobe, and the clothing does not slip from them.

Put a little of your favourite fabric softener into a spray bottle and use it as ironing aid.

Not only will it make your clothes and ironing area smell beautiful, but it'll make the ironing easier.

Alternatively, add a teaspoonful of Lectric Soda and a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

It'll perform the same task.

Have some music playing. Use your iPod or other techno gadget, or just have a battery operated radio in your ironing area. Sing along. Singing always makes the task go quicker.

Iron near a window, where the breeze can blow over you and you can enjoy the view outside, no matter what it is. I'm equally at peace looking at rainforest, water, the backyard, or a city skyline. My favourite ironing view though, is my front garden, so I iron near the window that best shows off my roses and hydrangeas.

Set up your favorite movie or TV series, and iron while you watch. The time will fly!

Take pleasure in knowing that no matter what you wear, it will always look better ironed! Even the most threadbare, vintage, or aged clothing is more flattering when fresh, and pressed.

Ironing won't be fun, but it will become a task you can take pride in.

What's on your Tray of Bliss today?

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