Saturday, November 23, 2013

How badly do you want it....Week pleasures...

After 5 weeks, I've lost 4 kilos (nearly 9 pounds). I've done it safely, slowly and steadily, without food supplements, shakes or protein bars.
In the process, I've found some new (healthy) pleasures.....
Cottage cheese dip instead of Brie on crackers. This is my own recipe and is just delish.
To one tub of low fat Creamed Cottage cheese, add two diced tomatoes, 2 finely sliced shallots (spring onions), 2 teaspoons of curry powder, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Mix well, and enjoy on crackers, lettuce leaves or in halved and hollowed out tomatoes. Very yummy and due to it's similarity in appearance to egg, palatable to little old cottage cheese hating me!

Peach tea with a hint of orange, in a delicate china Limoges cup. A new favourite and recent addition to the supermarket shelves here. Light, just a bit fruity and tastes like something, unlike many other herbal teas which, to me, taste like hot water with a scent waved over them. I've completely eliminated caffeine in the form of coffee or normal tea, and I feel better for it. I really look forward to my fruity cuppa these days.

Chilled water with lime slices, in a crystal tumbler. Yes, you might remember I said I detested iced water. Change of heart. No wine here these days, so an iced water in a nice tumbler, makes me feel part of the merriment, so iced water it is. I've grown to like it and my waistline certainly likes it more than wine!
So despite not having done much exercise for a few days due to some really annoying head spinning spells that are not a brain tumour (they've checked!), not blood pressure, not diet related and it seems, are perhaps inner ear related, I've done well, weight loss-ly speaking.
It's all about finding new things to love.

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