Monday, October 21, 2013

Living five star at home...

Each day when you make your bed, do the following:
Fold a bath towel or bath sheet in to a neat square by matching up the corners carefully.
Place the squared up towel on the corner of your bed or vanity.
Fold the two top layers down and square the point up with the opposite edge to create a pocket.
Into the pocket, insert everything you need for your bath or shower this evening.
For me, that's exfoliating gloves, facial serum and cotton ball for applying toner, a lavender scented towel sachet with ballet pink ribbon embellishment, deodorant, and body butter.
In the shower or tub recess, I keep my favourite supermarket shampoo, liberally scented with Sandalwood essential oil. Just because I love it. Sometimes I'll use Jasmine or Frangipani Absolute too.
 I use my own home made Goats Milk soap exclusively for facial and body cleansing. That is a true luxury and one recipe I will share with you very soon.
You don't need money to live Five Star. You just need imagination.
Keep it up. will know you're broke.

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