Saturday, October 26, 2013

Every Australian Home has....

A verandah from which to watch the spectacular sunsets....
I'm forever reading that every French home has this, every Italian home has that, so I wondered...what does every Australian home have?
Here's my list.
A cake of Sunlight Soap. The original square cornered one with the kewpie doll stamped into it.
A bottle of pink Johnsons Baby Lotion.
Johnsons Baby Powder.
Jacquard bath towels.
A possum in the roof.
A nesting magpie.
A bearded dragon lizard.
A Eucalypt tree.
A gravel path.
Kiwi black boot polish and a wooden brush to use it.
Flying ducks or metal peacocks on the wall.
A copy of The Castle, Muriels Wedding, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Lantana, and Wolfs Creek, as well as Baz Luhrmanns magical three, Strictly Ballroom, Romeo and Juliet and Moulin Rouge.
A bottle opener that has a souvenir handle.
A souvenir spoon from a small town whose name celebrates it's Indigenous heritage.
A tshirt proclaiming survival of a theme park ride or tourist attraction.
A fake gold nugget or some Fools Gold.
Half a packet of water bombs from last Summer.
Teatowels with a map of one of the States on them.
Steel wool with pink soap embedded in it.
A ball of string and a packet of elastic bands at least five years old in the third drawer in the kitchen.
A plastic Australian Flag left over from Australia Day celebrations.
An ANZAC badge.
A Legacy badge.
A Remembrance Day Poppy.
A flyer advertising a Melbourne Cup lunch.
A Lotto ticket.
Plastic shopping bags in a sausage like dispenser.
A Pie Plate with a recipe for Berry tart on the inner bottom of it.
A wind chime.
A shrivelled half a tomato in the door of the fridge.
An iconic Aussie album whether it's Slim Dusty, John Farnhams Whispering Jack or Cold Chisels Breakfast at Sweethearts.
Boxes of stuff that no-one can bear to throw out, either under the beds or under the house.
An aluminium teapot with a coloured anodised lid and a knitted teacosy.
Bushells tea.
Dandelions and bindi prickles in the lawn.
Kookaburras and crows in the trees.
A bottle of Dettol antiseptic.
A Bic pen with either a yellow or clear barrel.
There were many, many others but as they were other peoples contributions, I won't list them here.
What's in your Aussie home?

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