Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Bohemian Bathroom....

Ever since watching Downton Abbey Series 1, 2, and 3 in a marathon effort whilst flu ridden, I've had a thing for overblown and overdone décor. Not in a Shabby Chic way, but more in a ferny, fussy Bohemian kind of way. No doubt, my daughters recent Boho Bedroom Makeover  has had an impact on us all too!
I've always loved the opulence of the late 1800's and early 1900's. It was a genteel time when one dressed elegantly for dinner every night, and silverware and good crockery used on a thrice daily basis. One had butlers and maids and footmen and gardeners and cooks to do all the hard stuff.
Maidenhair ferns in brass pots were commonplace, as were Persian rugs souvenired when one was abroad visiting the colonies, embroidered hand towels, matching brushes, combs and hand mirrors, and perfume in adorable spritzing bottles made of cut or etched crystal. A vase full of peacock feathers was a must (said peacock feathers shed by one's own peacocks roaming ones extensive estate), as was a brass knick-knack or two. Silver tea sets, trays and delicate teacups were a fixture in every good drawing room. And those ladies knew their fish fork from their cake fork, without even thinking about it.
The clever rendition above, of a typical bathroom of the era is my inspiration for a good old Snuggerising session. I'm fossicking around my collection of 'stuff' to replicate the plush environment pictured here, to add a bit of posh to my primping space.
I'm thinking:
Jewel coloured towels
Handtowels trimmed with lace
Greenery in an ornate vase
A gleaming box to hold stunning hair accessories
Crystals to echo the chandelier which our bathroom lacks (sadly)
A mirror adorned with something beautiful
A Persian style rug
A footstool to rest my tootsies when applying lotions and potions to limbs
A richly coloured robe in which to swathe oneself when alighting from the tub
See my update on the Bohemian Bathroom here.

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