Monday, July 29, 2013

The Bohemian Bathroom...

We decided to have a little bathroom makeover here. Something sort of Casbah and Gypsy and Boho.
It's not exactly easy when you live in a typical Aussie white tiled affair, though.
Nonetheless, we have brass tapware, an aged brass vase with ferns, a brass box with worn patina to house hair accessories, candlelight, crystals adorning the wall, an antique linen hand towel draped on the basin, a Parisian clock, a lush ruby robe, and pretty amber pharmaceutical style bottles holding skin care.

  A peacock hued tufted rug, and a vividly embroidered footstool have been added to enhance the Casbah feel.
A Persian style rug was on the list to serve as a bathmat, but The Diva Child has overruled me and we now have her favourite peacock blue as bathmat and towels, with real peacock feathers still to be sourced to act as focal point.
The stool was a real find. It's funny sometimes how just the thing you need pops into the Universe, just when you need it. I would never have predicted in a million years that an embroidered boho style footstool would be on sale the very week I decided I wanted one, but there it was. And under $25 to boot. It's large enough for us to sit on to dry tootsies or perform a pedicure, and small enough to tuck away when not in use. Perfect.
It's a cute look, easy to manage with a teen daughter who insists on monopolising the space, shedding eyeshadow, long hair, and lipstick in her wake!

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  1. That looks beautiful I love it!! Our bathroom needs more tiles, we have bare basics in ours with just painted walls. You have made me want full walls of tiles now lol,,,you know so the light from the candle can reflect and all that.....I may have to suggest it to hubby! :)


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