Friday, October 14, 2011

If you could live anywhere...Number Two......

I adore this house. It's seashell shape fascinates me. It's called the Nautilus house, and is found in Mexico.

Note its smooth undulating lines...

This stained glass is to die for...

Not sure about the round bed...I prefer a bit of space to thrash around in, but loving the curved wall of cupboards...

And the living room...well it's kind of Sponge Bob Squarepants meets The Jetsons, isn't it? Adore the organic look of the circular skylights, the greenery and again, the gems of rainbow coloured light formed by that fab bank of technicolour glass.

Life here would be a calm oasis, wouldn't it?

Meals taken in that garden like lounging area...tapas served on large glass or clay platters perhaps. Things that echo the curves of the house. Jalapenos stuffed with oozing cheese, oysters drizzled with lime and ginger, bocconcini cheese wrapped with proscuitto, rounds of zuccini (courgette) filled with lean mince flavoured with earthy spices like cumin, coriander and cinnamon.


What's on your Tray of Bliss today?


  1. The rainforest calls my name daily sigh!

  2. Hi Mimi,
    What a fabulous post,i have seen this house before from the outside but never inside,it is fascinating isn't it? and love the sound of the meals being served in the garden area.
    The beach forever calls my name xxx


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