Saturday, October 29, 2011

Choosing a pet...I choose the Hound...

I've had lots of pets in my lifetime.

I've had dogs, cats, birds, fish, mice, guinea pigs and lizards.

Of all my pets, my most favourite have been my little Whippet, and my sons Greyhound.

Our Whippet and Mr A's greyhound are the two most recent additions to our family at large. We had actually decided not to have any more pets after our beloved labrador died. The Musician and I had plans to travel and The Diva is rarely home to enjoy the companionship of a pet. But that was not to be.

The Diva insisted on having another dog, and of course when Mr A moved into his own place, he naturally wanted to have a pet of his own.

So, knowing full well, that I would end up feeding, bathing and exercising aforementioned animals, I went into research overdrive.

I wanted a quiet dog that didn't bark, shed hair or demand exercise. I wanted a dog that would lay quietly at my feet when I read. I wanted a dog with a sweet, placid dispostion that wouldn't frighten children or adults who aren't that fond of animals.

I wanted, and got, a Hound.

The Hound breed encompasses Greyhounds, Whippets, Borzois, Afghans and Italian Greyhounds amongst others.

They demonstrate all of the above traits and are vastly underestimated as pets.

They're also not so fashionable just now as they simple will not fit into your handbag!

Now that we've had a Hound (well, a Whippet in our case, a Greyhound in Mr A's case), we'll never own any other breed.

What's your favourite pet and why?


  1. One day I will adopt a greyhound. The I've met as other peoples' pets, are just as you describe. :)

  2. At the moment I am so over pets that our kids "once upon a time" promised to look after. With Heartpoet's work hrs and the "kids" now 18 it has largely fallen to me to look after our menagerie of animals since a week or so after they were purchased and the cleaning up part promises were mostly forgotten. Yes they still cuddle and chat to them when they are home but by and large the barfed hairball, stinky cat tray, dirty dog bowl always has my name on it lol!

  3. I have been owned by greyhounds since 1991. I love the breed and am involved in greyhound rescue. They are the best!


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