Monday, January 25, 2021

How life changes....

Life changes. There's no doubt about it. And although the changes aren't always welcome, they come along anyway. 

So could be said about youngest child and only daughter, leaving the nest about three weeks ago. She has just turned 21, so in comparison to her three older brothers, she's a late bloomer. But then, she is still studying, and that in itself, ruled out independent living for some time. In recent months, she floated the idea with us, being that we would be the ones funding said 'independent living', and we agreed that The Time Had Come.

A suitable share arrangement with a Uni bestie had arisen, and it seemed that along with The Time Has Come, Seize The Day was the apt motto.

So it is, that Husband and I now find ourselves co-parenting a cat that she wanted (no great hardship really), and fielding up to a dozen phone calls a day. Topics listed as follows:

Q. How do I make stir-fry sauce? 
Answer: Make a cup of broth with a stock cube, add whatever flavours you want, thicken it with a paste of cornflour and water.

Q. Where do I buy Pho paste from?
Answer: Any Asian Grocer stocks several versions of a Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup) Base.
Note: See restaurant worthy version of her Pho above, our first meal with her in her own place.

Q. How do you make Gnocchi? Can I make beetroot gnocchi?
Answer: Roast a fresh beetroot and one or two large potatoes. Allow the potato to cool, and grate it finely. Puree the beetroot and add to the mashed potato. Season well. Add an egg and enough gluten free flour to form a dough. Divide into four portions. Freeze some if you want for another day. Take a portion of the dough, and roll into a long sausage. Cut the sausage into nuggets, and flatten with a fork. Add to boiling water and cook briefly until hot. Serve with olive oil, parmesan and cracked pepper.

Q.Can I make fresh gluten free pasta. 
Answer: Yes. It's just gluten free flour, and an egg, formed into a dough, rolled flat and cut into noodles with a sharp knife. You can even tint the noodles different colours for fun.

Q. Now that I'm broke, what can I give my friends for gifts?
Answer: A home made cake is always a winner. Palette knife flowers are dead easy.

Or come raid my scarf stash or grab some thrifted scarves, launder gently of course.
Then embroider with cute icons meaningful to the recipient. 

I love this one with beetles and butterflies.

It's a whole new world for her and for us. 

I think we can all make it work.

Happy Days.

What big changes are afoot there?



  1. Hello!

    Put two loaves of rye bread to rise and sunk into the sofa with a coffee and was very pleased to see a blog from you! You sound more rested and relaxed since last year. Hope this is a wonderful year for you.
    PS Our son has left home three times and returned twice! He is now really settled in Kalgoorlie, but I liked having the adult child back for a few months at a time. They turn into great people!

    1. Hi Deborah. Yes, it's been a while, and I'm still slow off the mark, but I'll get there. How lovely to hear from you! Mimi xxx

  2. HI Mimi,
    What a sweet surprise to hear from you today. and yes, if we didn't know the Lord we would really be in a sad state of affairs. We and our family are doing well and have been safe from the covid so far. Lately we have had a lot of people we know well getting it, which is a bit unsettling, but only one was hospitalized and got out of the hospital yesterday, but on oxygen still I think.
    Just about the time we start to feel some semblance of normality and think we are coming out of this pandemic something else happens........but we will get
    thru it....hope we get thru our new Governmental Admin as
    So how are you and yours fairing in this pandemic?? Well, I hope.
    So lovely to hear from you hon.....really....
    Blessings Galore,

    1. Hello dear Nellie. I'm so glad to hear you and yours are safe and healthy. What a time we've all had. We are all okay here too. A recent lockdown scare was brief but necessary, and we are now accustomed to enforced time together! Mimi xxx

  3. Hi Mimi, Just read your post and see that you are empty nesters now...except for the cat...LOL
    I remember those she still closeby?? The Lord was really gracious to us in letting our kids stay closeby in the beginning, cause at least you get to see them pretty often which helps. I always wondered how parents sent there kids way off hours away to college when they were just 18. I admire them that, but the Lord knew that would not work for this Mom, thank heavens. lol It's a whole new world, but a good one, we get to see our babies fly and fly they do and make us proud.
    Take care sweet friend, I have missed you,
    Blessings, Nellie

    1. Yes Daughter is about 30 minutes away. Far enough to be independent, but not too far to visit. I hear you. I could no more have sent her interstate for University than fly to the moon. And yes, we are incredibly proud :)

  4. Oh, Mimi, the empty nest is sometimes hard to adjust to, but it looks like she is still in close touch and needing her Mama. I do love your sweet instructions - the scarf and cake idea is lovely. Life does change and all we can do is go along for the ride wherever it takes us. Thinking of you x K

    1. Thankyou Karen. We are all adjusting, and it's a 'new normal' on so many levels. How lovely to hear from you! Mimi xxx


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