Sunday, February 10, 2019

Insourcing...from a working womans perspective...

Insourcing when you work full time, is not for the faint hearted, I can tell you right now.
I've learned a few things in the three months since I returned full time to the corporate world.
For example, tinned tuna, and cured meats are your friend. A decent tin of tuna, some pre-made GF gnocchi and a bit of baby spinach gave us a gourmet feast one night. Restaurant worthy...3 serves for $8.
Leftover Christmas Ham (and why DO we only buy a leg of ham at Christmas....such a budget friendly meal really), made a platter to feast on another hot night, for under $10.
I'm learning to KISS...Keep It Simple Sweetie...
Short list for easy insourcing:
Pre-made gnocchi
Baby potatoes
Grow some herbs
Baby spinach or rocket
Cherry tomatoes
Red onion
Parmesan cheese
Smoked meats or fish like salmon
Capers, cocktail onions, relishes
Shredded cooked chicken (my poached chicken breast is ideal)
Keep that lot on hand and you'll never go hungry.
I promise.
Birthdays remain a reason to splurge, but the splurge here was a pair of Birkenstock sandals (her request), and a Mimco jewellery set sourced as an unwanted gift on eBay. Thankyou for the half price Mimco eBay!
Butchers paper and silk flowers remain a firm favourite for gift embellishing. That 5 kgs of butchers paper has lasted me 7 years...and probably 7 more to go! MUCH money saved on gift wraps. I couldn't begin to tell you.

We dipped our toes in the water one weekend. We ate at home the whole time to avoid the holiday crowds. Much money saved on cafes and the like. At least $300, probably more like $500.

Lavender picking, not screen time, was the order of the day for the granddaughters. French Lavender always makes everyone feel good.

A gift of some Sari inspired fabric saw me making petal tassels one Sunday. I hung them on the Christmas tree...which is still up. Is that wrong in February?

I trotted out the pencil skirts and heels more than once....Etsy is my new best friend for upcycled, vintage inspired work clothes. Hundreds saved on retail purchases. Truly.

That's where this Chanel inspired knit came from too...

Meanwhile, Husband has been sawing and hammering up a frenzy to build me a new She Shed.
Lucky me!

Those Hermes scarves...expensive things but on a dollar-per-wear basis, I'm down to mere cents.
Get one. You won't regret it.

One step quiche is the order of the day for Work lunches.

A bit of sewing when I had a minute, saved me over $300 in designer pillowcases. I'm on a roll there.

Fresh snapper baked with miso butter and herbed veges was another easy meal. Snapper pieces were $13 a kilo at the market. Yummy.

And you know we love a good yoghurt parfait. Coconut yoghurt...home made of course. That saves us around $50 a week. I kid you not.

Fresh herbs snipped into gnocchi another night, saved $60 on takeaway. We have expensive taste in takeaway. What can I say.

Work looks. Fun.

And the staff at work got a glimpse into the 'Real Mimi' with a vegan cake for a morning tea.

I'm killing it friends.
You'd be proud of me.
What did you insource last month?
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  1. Yep, proud of you! This heat and proper dinner every night on top of working is VERY impressive. Do you have something special in mind to get/do with the extra $$$$ you're making? You always seem to have something on the go!

    1. Deborah New York, French Riviera and Singapore this time next year. It’s a good plan :) Mimi xxx

  2. Wow Mimi! You are so on top of things and still in sourcing while working full time. I'm full of admiration. Thank you for taking the time to post. I agree about the Hermes scarves - I have bought high end silk scarves including Hermes at auction and on eBay and they are a great buy- they will last me forever and they elevate the plainest outfit into something chic.

    1. Penny scarves are my weakness! I have a couple of Hermes and I’m eyeing off two more on eBay right now. They just look so lush, don’t they! Mimi xxx

  3. My favourite canned tuna is Serena in olive oil ... as a budget saver when there are no leftovers from dinner for lunch the next day, is a bowl of frozen verge (corn, carrots, peas) with a dollop of tuna on top

    1. Jo I’ve discovered that the Aldi Portview is a very respectable Sirena substitute! Surprise surprise at around $1 per tin! Get the one in olive oil. Mimi xxx

  4. I have a number of silk scarves which I found in op shops, and they are so luxurious to wear. They can make a plain outfit into something classic and 'finished'.

  5. Well done Mimi, you’ve inspired me to get moving on a few projects. May I asked where you sourced the butchers paper? Love your work outfits.
    Love Lisa xo

    1. Lisa from a Part Supplies and packaging store. Think bulk Chinese containers and noodle boxes and such xxx

    2. Sorry sorry, that’s ‘party’.

  6. It looks like you are finding so many ways to save money Mimi. I love that you are making a lot of your own meals.
    I make my own Starbucks coffee everyday to save money. I also cook most of the weekday meals and just eat out once a week.
    You have given some great tips.
    Enjoy the week.

    1. Hello Julie! How lovely to see you. Making your own Starbucks style coffees is a HUGE, and I mean HUGE money saver. Some of the younger people I work with now, spend $20-$25 a DAY on coffee. I kid you not. What an eye opener! Mimi xxx

  7. Definitely proud of you! You're killing this whole work-life balance thing, and looking fabulous the whole way. Well done!

    1. You say the loveliest things Stephanie.

  8. I have had a very frugal February so far. I've stayed away from temptation and have insourced all my work lunches (always do) and I have been decluttering and repurposing where possible. I made a thigh length top from a coat style dress that I never wear anymore and it looks good. I think I will get a lot of wear out of it now. Glad you are keeping on top of everything Mimi. It's a good feeling. Love Janiebabe x

    1. I LOVE that you turned a dress into a coat. Go you! So obvious, and yet not to most people! As for being on top of things...well I'm not always, but I strive to be ;-) Love, Mimi xxx

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