Thursday, January 3, 2019

Home is where the Heart is....

Is it possible to live two parallel lives at the same time, I wonder?
I believe so.
I was mildly concerned that re-entering the corporate fray would impact on my Earth Mother sensibilities.
But as it nearly as much as I imagined.
The first six weeks were exhausting. Not only was I out of my usual routine, but my brain was on overload learning all the comes with a new corporate job, having been full time Insourcing Manager of the Home for nearly twenty years.
Now I'm finding my feet. There are still days where everything seems a challenge, but they are fewer and further apart.
This week, I managed to snap up some seasonal greens and package half up for a soup to throw into the slow cooker one night, and the half was thrown into the slow cooker for that night. We've had some cooler evenings here, and after the festive fare, a bit of soup was all we craved.

Leftover ham and veg went into a fried rice another night. A perennial favourite here.

And meanwhile, I had time to ponder all that I accomplished in a day when I was at home.
As you well know, I treated Home Life as a Real Job too, and made a point of being as productive as possible.
Those weeks leading up to commencing work again, were some of the most productive and creative I've had, and it just goes to show what can be achieved when you value every moment of every day.

I use this made over vintage two tier snack container for a jewellery box, and I get a rewarding thrill lifting the lid each morning to choose my earrings.
I just love it.
Funnily enough, it's the small things that make you feel accomplished sometimes.

Then there's my desk renovation. That was a task and a half.

Hours upon hours of intricate painting.
 But each and every evening when I arrive home, it's there, in all it's glory, and I take a special pleasure in turning on my twin lamps and enjoying their glow.


You know I've written for a few years now about learning a new skill or two annually.
And last year, I taught myself more than a couple, painting and restoring furniture and knick knacks being a chief one.
Who knew that you could paint ceramic and papier mache` figurines any colour you want, right?


Or that Christmas cake didn't have to be a fruit cake?

Or even that you could eat boiled eggs cold...okay, that one might be an acquired!

Or that sometimes, noodle soup made with stock cubes, but served beautifully is a more than adequate dinner for us all...

What will you learn this year?
Where will your heart be?
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  1. Mimi I believe that with a positive mindset we can all achieve realistic goals. You have shown that with your beautiful upgrades in your home and with the way you have taken on and smashed the role that sees you back in full time employment as well as the Keeper of the Home. Having good taste helps in many areas and knowing your own strengths and weaknesses. It has been fun being able to get a peak at your life and all its changes.

    1. Jane I have always thought this too. And yes knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and being prepared to be adaptable, all helps. What a strange and rewarding thing it is to be working at my stage of life. I am truly loving it. Mimi xxx

  2. You are such an inspiration! I'm so happy to know that you're doing well at work and still managing to find time to do what your heart wants at home. I constantly wonder how my friends who work manage, because I always feel like I'd be out of my mind trying to get everything done. Your desk is absolutely stunning!!!

    I'm not sure what I'll learn this year. I don't have any set plans, other than to be as industrious as possible. I'd definitely like to expand my sewing skills. I can do little things here and there, enough to wing Halloween costumes and long skirts and pajama pants (just don't look too close at any of them!!!), but I'd like to improve. We'll see where that takes me. :) This past year, I really upped my organization game and overhauled our nightmare of a basement, and decluttered two car trunks-worth of stuff that went to the thrift store. I definitely want to keep that going, as well, because all of that has made the house a lot easier to care for on a daily basis. :)

    1. Hello Stephanie, I'm so sorry it's taken me a while to respond. Life just got hectic for a minute. I think you just learn to manage your time and prioritise to get things done. Some things become less important, whereas others are moreso. I have succumbed to a once a fortnight cleaner, some pre-prepared meals (still a better choice than takeaway!), and more rest time aka do nothing for a few hours! I'm glad you like my desk. It truly was an achievement for me and many hours of research, experimentation and realisation went into it. It's a constant source of joy and pride. Go you on the decluttering! That's a task and a half! And yes, see where the sewing takes you. I love my sewing and my friends are always astounded at even the simples projects! Mimi xxx

  3. Dear Mimi , I too have enjoyed reading your posts on renovating and creating a lovely home , as well as baking and decorating luscious looking cakes. And then your butterfly transformation in how you dress and now to being back in the workforce, I am enjoying readign about your journey , thankyou for sharing it , with love, Maria xxx

    1. Thankyou for sharing it with me,

  4. I don’t often comment, but this year I will learn how to completely change my active life to one of managing a life changing chronic progressive disease. I have to rethink absolutely everything. I got through Christmas by making gifts months ahead, started in April, thankfully. I will learn that friends are not always there in tough times and I will learn that being completely in control of my own time as a self funded retiree is a good thing. I will try to learn grace, that you have in spadefuls. I will learn to be looking after me, then what’s leftover I can look after others. I have always enjoyed your posts and have learned lots from you Mimi, in fact we had lunch today with your poached chicken salad.

    1. Dear Anonymous...I think I know who you are. I'm glad to hear that anything I've written has been useful and informative for you. I think we all have to accept our path in life, and if yours is to manage your disease, and learn who are your 'true' friends, then you can be an example to others just in that. Sending you love and hugs. Mimi xxx


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