Monday, October 22, 2018

Homespun Things....DIY Decals....

Look at this bit of specialness!
Pretty retro inspired swallows gracing my pretty retro inspired benchtop mixer.
I know.You want one now don't you. Stick with me.
The instructions are at the end of this post.
It all started with this image found on Pinterest.
So pretty...
I thought I recognised the birds on this mixer, and sure enough, I eventually found them on The Graphics Fairy website.
They look like this....

So here is my mixer.
It's a Sunbeam, not a Kitchenaid…
I printed the Graphic Fairy birdie images out, trimmed them, and went to town trying to find a good position for them.
But try as I might, they didn't look right, due to the very different shape of the Sunbeam, over the Kitchenaid mixer.
I had seen another image of swallows that I liked at The Graphics Fairy.
And one that had a slightly more Chinoiserie bent to it, over a traditional European one.
Almost more of a tattoo feel...though please note I do not have tattoos... I just like the colouring of them.
Look here it is....
So I saved that one, resized it accordingly, and did another in a mirror image, because now I knew exactly how I was positioning them.

See here, where I've printed them out on paper, to finalise where they'd go.

Fortunately I had some Waterslide decal paper that I'd ordered for another project, so lickety-split, I printed them out on that.
Waterslide decal paper is available on eBay and at selected stationers and craft stores, and it's about $3 per sheet. That's really economical when you consider how much Etsy stores charge for customised waterslide decals. I've added a link below.
You need an inkjet printer, and I purchased mine several years ago for $35. The stationers all have them, and I actually think I bought this one at the supermarket. So they're readily available.
Of course, the expense is in the ink cartridges, and they do come with cartridges intact, that will last you quite some time.
I buy the replacements for mine online for about $35-$40 each for the black and the colour, and they last at least six months. And that's with Daughter printing out assignments and whatnot, and me with all of my craft projects.
So in short, you need....
Waterslide decal paper available online
Inkjet printer with black and colour cartridges
Images that you like, resized accordingly
Spray clear enamel paint to 'set' the ink on the new decals
Print your pretty images out on your waterslide decal paper, coat them with the clear gloss spray enamel, and wait for it to dry. It won't take long. An hour at the most in fine, dry weather.
Then trim your decals close to, but not right up against, your images. You need about 1cm or 1/4 of an inch, all the way around.
Apply your decals in the preferred position, following the instructions that come with the paper.
These are not difficult to apply at all, but if you've never used them before, sacrifice a practice sheet and some smaller decals, perhaps for storage jars or similar, to make sure you can transfer them smoothly. They can slide around a little for repositioning, but do treat them gently.
Keep a clean, dry cloth close by to smooth them out once applied.
Be careful, they are fragile.
That's it!
Enjoy your new fancy-schmancy mixer!

Of course, you can use these decals on ANTHING really.
They're no good on anything that needs to be immersed in water, and they're definitely not dishwasher safe. A gentle wipe with a clean damp cloth now and again, is as much as they tolerate.
But for furniture, canisters, storage jars, mirrors, boxes and most other things that just sit quietly minding their own business, they're the bomb!
Waterslide decal paper available here.
Swallow images available here.
Original Kitchenaid bluebirds on a branch here.
Have fun creating!
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  1. Clever!! I love to decorate with birds. :)

  2. Mimi, I have never seen a mixer with decals on it before. You do come up with some crafty ideas I must say.

    1. Oh the things one finds on Pinterest! Mimi xxx

  3. Oh Mimi, I LOVE the bird decals! What a clever I must use on my kitchen appliances :)

    I hope you are well, dear friend. Sending love and hugs your way!

    1. I'm glad Stephanie. They're such sweet little things. Why shouldn't the kitchen be pretty too, right? Mimi xxx

  4. I love the Swallow and the whole idea. I love decals. I had not even realised they could be made. I adored decals years ago when we called them transfers. What you can get now is amazing. I will really look into getting some of this paper.

    1. You know me, Annabel. If there's a way to DIY something, I'll find it! Yes! Back in my childhood, these were called Transfers too. Once you have your own paper and a printer though, you can do ANYTHING. You will love this! Mimi xxx

  5. Love the decals. Must try the waterslide decal paper. Thinking of many ways to use them. Cheers

    1. So much fun doing your own over buying someone elses ideas Chrisbow. Thanks for visiting. Mimi xxx


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