Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Insourcing.... new gift ideas...Glamorous water bottles...

I'm always brainstorming for a cute DIY know me.
Here's my latest effort.
One $2.50 drink bottle from KMart...

Here is the water bottle in the online catalogue.
Rubbery skin thing removed....not aesthetically pleasing at all...

...upcycled with these fabulous custom decals from MellaandMoi on Etsy.


I came up with the wording, gave Mel the size of the bottle, chose a font and a colour, and look what cleverness resulted...

How much do I love the one I kept for me...

Filled with water fizzed by our Soda Stream, it's now a special pleasure to ensure our water intake is up to scratch.

The decals work out at around $5.
So that's $7.50 for a super duper cute gift.
You could pair this with a Soda Stream to fizz water for a special gift for someone for a great price.

Or fill it with chocolates for a Champagne kinda look and a reuseable container.

Don't say I don't give you all the best tips.


  1. Mimi, it is good to see you are still blogging. You are certainly very creative with all your ideas.

  2. Dear Mimi, Great idea, these bottles look so unique and would make a great present. Lovely to have you back. Lyn

  3. Hi Mimi, Your blog has been such a find. I am at the same stage of life as you and your posts I can truly identify with. Thank you for being a true inspiration.

  4. What a great idea for a gift.
    Im so happy you are still blogging. Kaye xx

  5. Wonderful idea! Unique and really beautiful~ Would be a nice idea for kids too; with kiddo decals . . . Thks! karen o

  6. The ways you are able to take an item from common to special is such a talent. Thanks for sharing. Anne

  7. They are really beautiful! Glad to see you back!

  8. The bottle became a family affair.


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