Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Nannas recipes in four sentences...Crepes and Crepe Stacks

Light as air crepes...
In a large jug, whisk one cup of flour, one egg, one tablespoon of oil or melted butter, a pinch of salt, and enough milk to make the batter resemble the consistency of pouring cream, and let it rest in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Heat a non stick pan over medium-high heat, and barely moisten it with some oil wiped over with a paper towel. Pour in a scant quarter cup of batter and swirl it to spread the batter thinly, allowing it to dry out and lift at the edges, before flipping. Slide from the pan to a waiting platter and repeat with remaining batter.
I like to layer this to form a sort of cake, using Nutella, Jam and Cream or even just lemon or lime juice (freshly squeezed) and caster sugar between the layers. Yummy!
Some tips for crepe perfection...
1. Only use a non stick frypan.
2. Find yourself a stainless steel spatula with a squared off edge. Plastic spatulas with rounded edges make it very hard to lift and flip your crepes neatly.
3. Do not use too much oil. A light smear or spray is all that's required.
4. Don't use too much batter per crepe. You only want a couple of tablespoons of batter to give you enough to swirl for a side plate sized crepe.
5. Don't make the crepes too large, as they'll be hard to flip, and won't look as pretty when stacked.
6. Make sure the crepe is dry and frilly around the edges and bubbly on top, before you try to flip. It should be virtually cooked on the top, and only require browning once flipped.
7.  Serving variations are only limited by your imagination. Savoury fillings can include leftovers, vegetables, meat, fish or chicken in a white sauce rolled inside cigar style, topped with cheese, and baked in a moderate oven. Sweet fillings can be fruit, mousse, spreads or simply citrus juice and fine sugar. 
8. Start with the pan on the highest setting, and be prepared to discard the first crepe in each batch as you get the technique and temperature right. Reduce the heat to medium high after the first crepe.
9. Crepes make a great substitute stacked as a sort of layer cake, used instead of lasagne sheets (especially for those who eat gluten free), and served as an inexpensive and elegant brunch or breakfast.
10. Roll them like cigars, fold them into little half circles or quarter circles, or simply enjoy layered with sugar between the layers.

How will you enjoy your crepes?


  1. Hi Mimi, Hello from Ireland. ☘ I discovered your wonderful blog a few weeks ago and have been enjoying old posts as well as you current ones. I am finding renewed inspiration and validation as I read. I have been feeling a societal pressure to return to the workplace now my youngest daughter is finishing school and heading off to college in September. I have been living a very similar life to you for the past 25 years, insourcing ( I never knew that is what I was doing but oh do I love that word! 😊) along with painting and teaching art and craftscrafts part time during school term. I have loved being at home and caring for my family. Thank you so much for your writing, you have reminded me of the importance of what we do and also and very importanty to stop allowing other peoples opinions to undermine my own. 💖💖💖

  2. Dear Aisling, how lovely to meet you! I am so thrilled to have helped you in validating your invaluable role in the home. I think many naysayers, imagine that we are all like Stepford Wives (of the Ira Levin novel and Nicole Kidman film), little robots wearing frilly aprons and catering to our bombastic husbands every whim. You and I both know it's nothing like that. Sure I like to look nice, and yes, I am the Home Guardian. But that doesn't mean that I'm a silly twit that bows and scrapes to an overruling male, nor to demanding children. On the contrary, my contribution to our lives, has resulted in a happy partnership, children with high self esteem and excellent values, and a home that is the envy of many. I acknowledge that it's not for everyone, but I scarcely think I've been beaten into submission by some sort of odd cult wanting to resurrect the downtrodden women of the 1950s either! Each to their own. I've had the luxury, for want of a better word, of having seen life from many sides. I've been a young single Mum studying, I've been a single Mum with a career, I've been a married woman with a career, a married Mum staying at home, I've raised boy who've become admirable young men, husbands and fathers, a disabled son who against all odds lives a happy and independent life, and a daughter who is everything a Mother imagines a daughter could be. I think I've done alright, and it looks like you have too. Be proud Aisling. Love, Mimi xxx

  3. Mimi, I think I'd better learn to make your beautiful crepes!! They're so versatile - for indoors and out! You've got the cogs moving!! Thank you!
    Rachel Holt

    1. Dear Rachel, you will not regret learning to make these. They ARE versatile, and delicious too! Mimi xxx


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