Monday, October 31, 2016

Orchids on your Budget Gift Series #7....packaging for a luxury feel...

After I shared a picture of my rescued, laundered, embroidered and packaged silk camisole on the weekend, I had several requests wanting to know how I'd packaged it so neatly. In fact above tells the story of how I turned a $2 thrifted camisole, into a boutique style gift. Laundering, embellishing and packaging, makes all the difference!
Packaging is often as important as the gift. Especially if you're gifting home made. You want your home made gift, that you've no doubt spent many hours of time and energy on, to look the part, so care with packaging really helps.
It helps to take note of how department store and boutique gift store items are packaged to give you some clues.
Back when I was younger, mens shirts used to come boxed with a clear lid, and they'd have all kinds of shaped pieces of cardboard in them to make them present well. In the body of the shirt, you'd find a rectangle of cardboard, which gave the shirt it's shape for the box. So I used that idea for my silk camisole. Note that you could actually turn that rectangle into your greeting card, so it's not wasted, if you wish. I usually just ask the recipient to return the cardboard to me so it's re-used for another package. Nobody has refused me yet!

So you lay your item flat, and face down, as seen above.

Cut a rectangle from thick project cardboard, or use a recycled box, and cover it with tissue paper if you wish. It needs to be something quite rigid. Place the rectangle centrally on the item of clothing. Remember this is the back of your item.

Fold the bottom of your item up from the lower edge, and down from the top edge, using your cardboard as a guide, so that you have a neat and flat display, at the front. If you have embroidery, screen printing, or other embellishments you wish to feature, make sure they are centrally and prominently located in the front, top half of the cardboard rectangle. Not in the centre, because your ribbon is going there.

Now fold the bottoms into an L shape, keeping it neat, a bit like the end of a gift wrapped box. You know when you do those little envelope folds? Like that. See above.
Then fold the outside edges over, enclosing the envelope folds.

See here above, one side folded over, the other side with envelope folds like you're wrapping a boxed gift, ready to be folded over.

So you end up with this neat rectangular package, above.

And from the front, it will now look like this. Embroidery displayed at the top, in the centre, with a nice open space for your gift bow.

Turn it back over so the reverse side is facing up, cut a length of double satin ribbon, slide it underneath, and wrap it around, flipping your item over so it is now face up. The double band of ribbon will hold your items folds in place.

Write your tag, if you're using one. I use Manilla luggage tags as a generic way of describing what I've done. I don't pretend my items are new. I'm perfectly open about them being used or vintage, and my wording says, "A prize, lovingly restored to as-new, and embellished by my hands, for you to enjoy". Everyone seems perfectly comfortable with this, and my home made wool wash, makes them smell so gorgeous, who could complain? In fact, my wool wash, also suitable for silk and any other luxury fabrics, is the perfect companion gift for these pretties.
From there, you can wrap your gift in clear cellophane, tissue paper, or other wrapping as desired, or slide them into a gift bag. It's up to you.
I guarantee this will make someone smile. We all love something beautiful and special, and I think this packaging certainly helps create that. Have fun!
Now I want to share the work of some very special friends....
Fall Front Stoop
Nicki at Sweet Parrish Place is a wonderful supporter of Five Star Frou-Frou, and I want to thank her for her continuing support. This gorgeous Fall entry is Nicky's work of course, and she has such an eye for detail, that I thought you might enjoy this post as much as I did.
Fabiolas makeover of a $2.50 Church sale desk, has to be seen to be believed. Fabi has a gorgeous blog, full of inspiration and you can find her here, at Fabi-Fabu. Thanks for sharing this one Fabi. I love it!
And while we're on the subject of furniture for under $10, Michelle at Our Crafty Mom, scored this bar cart for $5, and refurbished in this gorgeous duck egg blue. What a transformation!
I want Debbie from Debbie-Dabble to come and organise my craft room. Hers looks like this and I just love it! From the pink and pretty skirt on the chair to the permanent Christmas Tree! I have a permanent Christmas Tree in my craft room too, doesn't look like this! Absolutely stunning, Debbie. I mean it. Can you visit me here in Australia and organise my craft room?
Large DIY cement bowl tinted with latex paint.
Finally, I really love this rustic, artisanal cement bowl made by Jen at DIY Furniture. I can't wait to use her tutorial to make some as gifts. I envisage these as vessels for home crafted candles!
Thankyou again, from the bottom of my heart, to all of you who continue to support my neverending linkup, Five Star Frou-Frou. I look forward to showcasing some more of your beautiful work.
love, Mimi


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  2. I love how you package the thrifted items and don't "pretend" they are new! I am always at a loss about how to share that information with the recipient! Thank you for the inspiration! :)

    1. Dear Jes, yes I think it's best to be honest about it, and make the information an asset. You could add something about rescuing the item from landfill, saving the environment, or even a nod to not encouraging waste generally. It depends what it is, and the mindset of the intended recipient, but I have found that most people (and I do stress 'most'), love that you've modified the item with them in mind. I am glad the idea has helped you. Love, Mimi xxx

    2. Oh yes, honesty by all means... I just meant I would say, "Hi, I found this at Goodwill for you..." and your way seems a bit more elegant and nostalgic :)

  3. What a wonderful tutorial and idea! Thanks Mimi for the great inspiration.

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  6. What a lovely presentation, Mimi! Looks like a million $$!

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