Tuesday, August 4, 2015

This weeks insourcing #14

I've been having some tough times friends.
I'm providing emotional support for someone close to me and it's hard.
It's difficult to not let the problems of your extended family, leak into your own immediate family.
So much of my insourcing this week has been in the form of pampering to my closer, immediate loved ones, so that they do not feel neglected.
One goal this week was to update all of our bedding. Being away and staying in nice hotels with fluffy beds, sure makes you aware of the inadequacies of your own bedding upon your return!
The Musician Husband and I agreed that this should be a budget priority, so off I went.
Scouting was done both online and in the local shopping centres to determine the best price for feather mattress toppers, lovely sheets and pillowcases, goose down pillows, divine duvets and stylish duvet covers reminiscent of the crisp and clean hotelier look.
The first sum I arrived at was over $1280 from the Marriott Linen website. And you can't actually buy it yet. It says 'coming soon'. Seriously. I knew I could do better.
My mission was to stick with the very best quality, but buy it at the best possible price.
I checked a couple of department stores and Manchester outlets and still couldn't get the total under $750.
Here was my shopping list:
Feather mattress topper
Down and feather pillows (2 each for three of us)
Down Duvet
Cover for the duvet
Bed scarf
Decorator cushions
Coincidentally an email then arrived in my inbox from The Home, which is an online store that acts as a storefront for many different suppliers. You can find the link here.
From there, I managed to source every single thing I wanted for less than anywhere else I'd looked. The final total was $407! Some online stores wanted that just for the mattress topper and not much less just for pillows! So I'm very happy.
Money saved on 'insourcing' or at least 'researching' just this one purchase....$873!
It really does pay to do your homework first :)
Did you insource/research a major purchase recently? How much did you save by doing your homework first?


  1. I will be doing that for our bed soon. Down doonas are so comfortable. Blessings! Glenys

    1. Aren't they just the cosiest and cuddliest of things Glenys? Thanks for stopping by...Mimi xxx

  2. Well done, Mimi. I hope you are looking after yourself while providing emotional support to a loved one. Big hugs!

    1. Nanna Chel, I think that's the only way you can remain supportive. Preserving home and hearth is so important...Mimi xxx

  3. Hi Mimi, wow that is so great that you saved so much money on your bedding by doing research. Good for you! I would love to have you join and share this at the new blog party I co-host called Cooking and Crafting with J & J.
    Julie xo

  4. Good job! You will love your the new comfort of your bedding. We changed ours a few years back with a look close to Marriott's, from JCPenney (Chris Madden sheets and duvet cover). I found a scarves for the bed that are actually table runners! (cheap - one at an estate sale, another at an online clearance). ANd I just switched out my mattress pad cover from Macy's 1/2 off sale. Susan at Between Naps on the Porch swears by the Dollar General's medium pillows (something like $2 each), but I have yet to go there. I love a luxe bed for less! I hope your bed gives you the respite you need.
    Rita C at Panoply

    1. Hi Rita. How lovely to see you! Yes the Marriott is certainly the benchmark, isn't it. Love the idea of table runners as bed scarves...genius! Mimi xxx

  5. Good food for thought, Mimi! Thanks for doing all the research for us! And thanks, too, for your visit and sweet comment about Baby Love's dance recital tussie-mussie! ~Zuni

    1. Zuni, I just adored your tussi-mussi for your granddaughter. Adorable! Mimi xxx


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