Thursday, August 13, 2015

Real Dance Mums #4....A Ballet Tango?

(Image courtesy BYU Ballet)
So The Divas Ballet exam this year was a bit of a big deal.
No longer the little pretty dances and character skirts of her younger days.
This years' variation at the end of the exam, was a Tango.
Now I was a bit taken aback when she told me this. A Tango? Really? Not really very Royal Academy of Dance, now, is it? Very sort of good girl/bad girl in a way.
But, oh my. When I saw her dance it, my mind was very quickly changed. This was RAD? Well it sure is RAD as in 'radical', but it's not Royal Academy of Dance. Scarcely traditional, and a bit....well....saucy really!
I can't share The Divas version, because she's a bit shy. But this sweet ballerina below does a lovely version, and if you squint and imagine a taller, red haired young lady with very long legs doing the same dance, you'd come close!
I'm so glad she's hung in there for the interesting part of her dance education. So many students abandon dance classes in favour of part time jobs and a social life in their teens.
Our girl gets the thrill of learning how to really dance.

And it's beautiful to watch.



  1. Mimi, I am sure your girl thoroughly enjoyed doing the Tango. It is certainly not Swan Lake but is still lovely to watch.

  2. Very nice!
    Your daughter will have an incredible foundation of discipline, organization and friendship from her years of training. As a former ballerina with 2 daughters who both followed in my footsteps, I can say some of my fondest friendships stem from my dance years. It was my stress relief like no other when I was in the studio (stage was a bit stressful, not gonna lie).

  3. My daughter is at grade 1 at the moment and she's enjoying every minute of it, and it's a joy watching her doing more technical moves. She's only 6, so anything could happen in the future, but it would be wonderful if she could stick around long enough for the more interesting aspect of the dance. Thanks for sharing :)

    Veronika | Tickled Pink Confetti

  4. It's nice to connect with another dance mom! My dancer, whom I also call Diva, and I enjoyed the video! :)

  5. Basics and foundations are so so important, but I agree....if you can stick with it past that, and really learn to DANCE - that's when the fun and the beauty really come into play. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Very beautiful! How wonderful that your daughter is sticking with it. Definitely takes a lot of work and discipline. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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