Friday, March 27, 2015

This weeks insourcing #8....

This week I made my own Greek yoghurt, then drained it by scooping it into a fine mesh sieve lined with a new, rinsed Chux cloth. Cheesecloth or muslin would achieve the same. I mixed it with honey, and it looks just like soft serve I think, don't you? I use a recipe that only needs 2 tablespoons of the Easiyo starter instead of the whole packet so this makes it so economical, and it's utterly delicious. Yoghurt is eaten daily here, so I estimate that I save up to $15 a week by making my own.
I then popped some into tea strainers, set on top of cups in the fridge, to drain it even further, and ended up with what appears to be scoops of icecream, but is actually yoghurt for healthy banana splits for my daughter and her friends. Saving on Baskin Robbins ice cream treats for them....around $40....really!

I propagated about a hundred succulents and echevarias including this frilly one which is my absolute favourite. I bought it at a country nursery and I've never seen another one like it. Savings without doubt in the hundreds of dollars. Each succulent or echevaria sells for the most astounding prices, from $10-$70, which is just downright cheeky once you know how easy they are to grow. Succulents can be grown just by breaking leaves off and sticking them into soil. Each leaf will grow a whole new plant. Echeverias need beheading (sounds violent doesn't it!). If you behead it close to the base of the rosette and leave it to dry out over a new pot, roots will form, allowing you to replant it. Meanwhile the stalk from which it's been trimmed, will form two or three new rosettes which will become entire new parent plants. Honestly you could start a plant nursery with just one of each variety and make a killing if you so desired! I can't really estimate this one as we've propagated literally hundreds, but lets for today be conservative, and call it $500 saved in buying plants for landscaping our large garden over the next few months.
I found these gorgeous Victoriana images online to use for card making, saving up to $10 per card for similar sweet and olde worlde type greeting cards over the next few months. Can you believe the cost of greeting cards now? It's crazy! I'll call that at least $100 saved.

I made bath bombs to for my daughter to gift to her friends for Easter. Not the best photo, but I thought you'd like to see them. I wished I'd done more of the teddy bear ones, which are actually done in bento sushi moulds. Aren't they cute? That's saved me probably $50 in bought chocolates, not to mention the savings to their parents in dental work.

I made a Frangipani Pie for a friend, who was feeling sad. Frangipani Pie is so named because it's yellow and white like the traditional flowers, not because it's made from them! It's just a sweet shortcrust pie shell, lined with crushed pineapple thickened with coconut milk and cornflour, with a meringue topping, baked until golden. It's an Aussie favourite. Saving on a similar bought treat, about $20.

So my tally for insourcing things this week, that I would have had to buy were I not a happy and productive Home Manager, is $725. I would have had to earn that much money outside of the home, in addition to whatever was required to keep body and soul together.
I'm happy.


  1. Frangipani pie?!?! Looks splendidly delish! Every fruit of your labor is quite impressive, indeed. What a savings!

    Happy weekend,

    1. Thankyou Kelley. And yes, that pie is indeed 'splendidly delish'...a fond childhood memory for us here. I hope your week was lovely....Mimi xxx

  2. Yes, I love the look of that Frangipani Pie, Mimi? I am sure it would be sugar free, wouldn't it???? Come on, tell me it is. LOL!

    1. Nanna Chel, alas, no. Note to self to stop teasing! Mimi xxx

  3. Now I know why Frangipani Pie has its name. I always wondered...
    Well that was a good week Mimi. The pie as a thoughtful gift is beautiful. I hope it did the trick.
    I am more and more amazed at the dollar value of things we have mostly done ourselves. I make a point now to look. ie we have a nice grocery/deli near by and I look to see how much is a lasagne, how much is a fruit pie? How much are 6 biscuits? And you know I do it in the florists with the succulents and simple posies etc. I need to check how much is a cut and colour? How much is it to have the car cleaned inside and out, the windows cleaned? People pay for this. I did hear of someone paying $300 for their windows but I found it hard to believe. And thats not including cleaning our own houses... or a million other things we just "do". I honestly would rather do it than go to work to earn the money to pay someone to do it. At least I can do things the hours I choose... I am no 9 to 5er. I am more a 11 to 12 er.
    The succulents sound wonderful. The frilly one is different to any I have seen. I instantly thought lets do swaps... but there is quarantine and we cant...
    However I did collect several new ones on our holiday and I have others that have little babies under and around them so I can do some dividing. These will be for the jars I want to do.
    You had a great week. Now I hope you have a lovely weekend. xxx

    1. Yes people do pay for all of these things, and without thinking twice about it. Then they put the holiday on the credit card, and there, the pain begins, I think. All of these little things seem like penny pinching to some, but we know that they are life enhancing tasks in so many ways. The love that goes into a home made pie, or hand made card, or hand knitted shrug or baby blanket, cannot possibly be replicated by a bought thing, no matter how lovely. Heirloom skills too, are so very important to impart to others these days when so much is mass produced. I wish I could send you an echeveria. Darn those pesky quarantine! The ones you've collected will be gorgeous though, so don't pine. I always believe that the Universe provides (or God provides if you prefer), and if you are patient, this frilly echeveria will find it's way to you. I hope your weekend is restful and happy too. Mimi xxx

  4. Hi Mimi,
    Always such a joy to hear from you hon. That frangipangi pie looks like a lemon merinque pie that we make in the U.S......course, I have never made one, my Grandmother used to make them, when I was a girl, but after trying the lemon curd, it taste so very much like a lemon pie, so have been thinking about that a lot............which might lead to making one at some point. Would love to try the frangi
    pangi pie, it looks delectable.

    Love how you talk about the insourcing and how it is so true how much $$ we
    save by doing things ourselves. We have always been like that too, but as we have
    gotten older once in awhile we have someone else do it, like painting our house recently.......but we were completely shocked at the price since we have never paid
    anyone to do

    That is so sweet that your lil grandaughter said you were her best friend, doesn't get
    much better than that............aren't they just the best gift and treasure. We sure enjoy ours so much, she makes us laugh all the time. Love hearing her say new words.
    So amazing to see this lil bundle come into the world and within 2 yrs. they are just
    getting so autonomous it is truly amazing and miraculous.......

    Your greek yogurt looks amazing. We eat a lot of that, my favs or the lemon and key lime.....hubby is a vanilla guy........and we love love love frozen yogurt, that is one
    of our Sunday splurges.......they have a salted caramel pretzel that we are crazy about at the yogurt shop. Got a coupon for a free one this week for my birthday. Love those coupons..........

    You have a wonderful weekend my friend, so happy we have met here in blogland.
    Blessings Galore,

    1. Hello Nellie. So pleased to see you. Yes we do lemon meringue pie here too, but the Frangipani is so delectable for a change. I will post the recipe soon. We insource as much as we can, but we too are growing older, and one of the reasons for the insourcing we achieve, is to free up funds for those bigger maintenance tasks like painting, which we are trying to get done in the next year or two. I think you have to accept your limitations at our! Yes, I agree that grandchildren are a special joy and one that exceeds my expectations on every level. They just melt your heart, don't they? As for your salted caramel pretzel yoghurt.....well, I never! Sounds divine! You have a gorgeous weekend too Nellie, dear. Mimi xxx

  5. love the delicious desserts you share at my last Fabulous Friday Party.. Especially the bannanas was my favorite.


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