Monday, September 8, 2014

Pretty pearly cake....

I made this for my almost one year old grandaughter.
Isn't it pretty?
It's not a small cupcake, although you can't really tell from the photo.
It's about the size of a basketball. Huge. Well, huge for a cupcake.
It's baked in two halves of a really odd looking tin that looks like a pedestal and a Madonna style bra cup...
....but in fact you bake the top and bottom of the 'cupcake', join them with filling of some sort, and ice the top dome to your liking.
My daughter-in-law chose this pretty shade of lilac, which I then dusted with edible pearl dust for shimmer. A few lilac and white sprinkles, some supermarket bought sugar flowers and we've got one sweet cake.
These cakes retail for around $70 here, and for around the same amount, I've now got the tin, and the know-how to make as many giant cupcakes as I like. The actual cake cost less than $10 to make.
Someone tried to tell me that cupcake fever is over, and that it's a dying trend. Well try telling that to a one year old. Or a fourteen year old really.
This cake was a hit, and I now have two orders for giant cupcakes for other friends of my daughter-in-law.
I'd say a success....yes?


  1. Cupcake fever will never die!
    Pretty cake....I want that tin!!!

    1. I agree Flora...what a thing to say...cupcakes dead....heaven forbid! You may borrow my tin whenever the mood for a giant cupcake hits my dear...x

  2. I love cupcakes. I can never refuse one and yours is truly gorgeous. It is almost too pretty to eat. What a sweet grandma.

    Have a wonderful week,


    1. Thankyou Janet. I love being Nanna to two gorgeous wee girls. It's such a joy!

  3. Hi Mimi, I love the giant cupcake you made, so pretty and yes a success if everyone loved it. Wow you have orders too to make more, good for you! Take care.

  4. I can never tell the difference between a cupcake and the old fashioned 'patty cake' we had when I was growing up :-) They certainly are popular now. I bought my daughter one of those cake tins as my granddaughters seem to go to birthday parties most weekends and she is always making cakes. They certainly are large though aren't they? Love your blog!

  5. SO pretty! You make me want to make cupcakes today :) Thanks for sharing at our Get Your DIY party! October's theme is Falling for Fall. I hope you'll come back on the 5th and share with us again! XO


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