Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Living luxuriously the car

I try to incorporate a little luxury in my day in as many ways as I can.
Now, that doesn't mean I go out spending up big on designer handbags and what not.
Rather, I try to surround myself with little indulgences that add to my quality of life in small ways.
One way I do this is by having a few favourite luxuries in my car console.
Our cars often become a dumping ground for shopping dockets, ticket stubs, used tissues, lists, empty water bottles and goodness only knows what else.
Not good for the soul.
Here's my console. It contains the following items...
My favourite mints
A purse size bottle of one of my favourite fragrances
Hand cream
A jewelled compact
Palmers cocoa butter Lip balm
A pen with a favourite designer logo
A nail file and miniature bottle of nail polish for touch-ups (out of view)
I have a thing for hand creams especially in the dry Winter months here, and have them everywhere. Lavender is always my first choice and this is one that came in a little gift set from my son for Mothers Day.
The compact is a vintage item found at a market, but I see similar ones being sold for around the $5 mark by the Asian vendors in the centre of the aisles at the shopping centres all the time.
The pen is one I designed with Vistaprint and I ordered several for personal use and to give as gifts with beautiful stationery and personalised postcards.
And the perfume, well, my car always smells glorious :)
This is such a little thing, but having my little luxuries there next to me really adds to my day and puts a smile on my face.
Make the effort to put some beautiful things in your car console. I bet it makes you smile too.


  1. Hi Mimi, what a great idea! I love everything you have in the car and always ready to be freshened up! Enjoy the rest of the week!

  2. Mimi, you are gorgeous, so true about not making the car the dumping ground!!! Mind you, mine needs a good detail right now. I turn right at lights into Coronation Drive each morning....takes three or four sets o lights...never mind I sit there with a slather of hand cream only on the tops of my paws having a 'treatment'. Mr Fascinata can't understand why I am happy to sit in the traffic!!! Xxx

  3. My car is filled with books and papers and toys and shoes from teaching and my little grandson! But I am inspired by your elegant post. So many chic and feminine ideas,
    I'm inspired to reclaim my car now! Thanks for sharing with us.
    New follower,


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